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The Sea Horses’ Gift – Epilogue

Published by • Dec 10th, 2010 • Category: Fiction, Loft Book Club Favorites

by Findabhair Blacksgote, age 14

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I screamed.

“Ekatrina!!” That was impossible! Ekatrina was dead! I had seen her body, and it had been very much dead. “Are you a ghost?” I asked. I’ve never seen a ghost.

Ekatrina laughed. “I am not a ghost!” she insisted. But she was dead! Nevertheless, I ran into her arms. She was still taller than me even though I’d grown at least a little since I’d last seen her.

“You look lovely, ” I told her. And she did; copper hair floating around and Catarin had lent her a dark blue gown embroidered with silver sea shells. Silver sea shells. That sounds funny.

“What are you doing here? You’re dead!” I demanded.

“I didn’t die.” Ekatrina explained. “I was very sick, but by the time I was well enough to ask someone to tell you, you were living who-knows-where outside of the city. Then I tried to come here, but Eoghan wouldn’t let me. Something about you having an important job here.”

“Eoghan!” I screeched. “He said he told me everything!!!” I was so indignant I almost went stomping after him right then.

“Don’t be too hard on him — you do have an important job here,” Ekatrina soothed.

“And my job took three days! I was only staying here because I thought I had nothing in Ralayiana!” I protested. I was only staying because… That sneaky little- I won’t say anything. It wouldn’t be appropriate.

“To change the subject, how long have I been here?” I asked. It’s very hard to tell the time. Sometimes in winter the sea freezes over and sometimes it doesn’t. Apparently you can tell what time of year it is by what creatures are migrating where, but I haven’t found out how yet.

“Two years,” Ekatrina replied.

Two years. I wasn’t a little girl anymore then. Pity.

“You have a wedding dress to be fitted,” Catarin reminded me. Oh yes. After this, Eoghan would be stuck with me for eternity. I would ring every scrap of information out of him.

I demurely followed Ekatrina and Catarin, scheming. We floated to Catarin’s room (I can sometimes find my way there by myself), which she kept because Eoghan kept his room and Ahearne certainly wasn’t moving that desk of his because it’s so full of those awful seaweed scrolls that it would break, so he kept his room.

My wedding dress was beautiful. I made sure that it was, because Ahearne, as King (he decided not to abdicate right away after all, which is fine by me) paid for it. It was pale silvery blue and embroidered with Sea Horses (of course) and waves and a few seagulls. Small jewels were sewn onto the edges of the sleeves, hem and collar. The collar was curved across my chest, just below my collar bones, and dipped slightly in the back, but not too much; to just above the bottom of my shoulder blades. It drives Eoghan crazy when he can see even a tiny bit of my back. He does anything I tell him to. I hate trailing dresses, so the bottom of the gown just came to my ankles.

Ekatrina and Catarin fussed with it, taking it in a bit here, lengthening a bit there, and so forth. I waited patiently, still scheming. The older girls were talking about Catarin’s wedding gown. She doesn’t miss Finvarra in the slightest, by the way. She’s still single, but I’m working on pairing her up with someone, because she’s such a good dancer.

The conversation switched topics a few times, and I learned that Ahearne was getting bored of being king already (I didn’t care, so long as he paid for my dress) and that Ekatrina had found a husband back in Ralayiana. They weren’t married yet, so I’d be able to go make sure he was suitable. And I’d be able to see her wedding dress. I’d make sure it was white. Ekatrina looks good in white believe it or not.

Finally the last minute fitting was done. I was amazed at how much they had to change, even though the last fitting had been only two months ago. I’d get to wear my wedding dress for real tomorrow.

The second they took the dress away I was out of there after Eoghan. As usual he was in the library with Ahearne. Ahearne does look ridiculous in fancy clothes, and I’ve told him so numerous times. He never wears them anyway (fancy clothes, I mean — he does wear clothes) so I don’t have to tell him, except at parties when he has to dress up.

I marched up to Eoghan and twisted his ear until he looked up at me.

“Hello, sea princess,” he said.

“Ekatrina was here today.”

“I’m glad she made it,” Eoghan replied in his usual infuriating way.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I demanded.

“You didn’t ask.”

I honestly didn’t know when to laugh or cry or hit him really hard. I dropped my hand in disgust. “I’m going to talk to Ekatrina again.” I proclaimed and flounced out of the room.


I found out more about my past. It turns out Tara and Ekatrina were sisters and Tara somehow managed to get word to Ekatrina before she sent me to the city with the Sea Horses. Apparently the words Tara used to convince the Sea Horses were as this last gift to the Sea Queen carry this baby safely to the city and to my sister. The Sea Horses’ gift that’s what I am. Eoghan teases me endlessly about it and asked Ekatrina if I came wrapped in a box with a ribbon.

It’s been awhile since my wedding. Ahearne abdicated a year after and returned to his books. I convinced Eoghan to turn the old Royal bedrooms into the rooms for the second hand (who I cleverly paired with Catarin) so I get to keep my room even though I’m technically a Queen now. Eoghan still calls me ‘sea princess.’ Don’t ask me; I don’t know.

I’ve been carrying a baby for six months now. My stomach’s really big kind of like that Sea Horse’s right before she had her baby. Ahearne keeps looking at me funny every time I walk past. Sometimes I wrap my arms around my tummy and gaze dreamily off into space just to annoy him or wrap my arm around Eoghan at the table. Then Ahearne gags. Eoghan doesn’t know why I all of a sudden go off and do something like that when normally I hit him if he even touches my hair when there’s other people around. Between the two of them I have a wonderful time confusing people and I have forever to find new ways to upset them.

Like Eoghan says what is time when you have forever?”

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The Sea Horses’ Gift was first published at GHC in the former Loft Book Club, and was a finalist in our monthly Judge for Yourself competition in December 2006.

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