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The Sponsored Ride

Published by • Dec 1st, 2012 • Category: Fiction

by Jenny, age 10

As we galloped across the field, Ripple’s mane blew in the breeze, her long tail brushing the white, fluffy snow. I could have carried on riding for the rest of my living days, but according to my phone I should have headed back ages ago.

“Please put down your name if you want to join in the sponsored Christmas ride,” said our instructor, Gemma. “It’s in two weeks.”

“Are you putting your name down, Jade?” asked my best friend Leanne.

“Sure. Me and Ripple are going to give our raised money to the Help of Homeless Horses,” I said, trying not to sound boastful.

Then Tina, a really spoiled girl who keeps her pony at Flowerdale Stables (our stables), came in the club room.

“I’ve put my name down and I’m going to win the competition,” she said to me and Leanne.

“This isn’t a competition, it’s a sponsored ride,” said Leanne.

“Didn’t you hear? There is a competition. Whoever gets the most money gets an extra £50 check,” said Tina.

I was really excited now. Ripple and I had to get that £50 check — there would be no more homeless horses!

* * * * *

Two weeks later, on the day of the sponsored ride, I was tacking up Ripple when Gemma came into the middle of the yard.

“All riders, get your ponies ready in their trailers,” she ordered.

Everyone got their ponies into their trailers and set off to the starting point of the sponsored ride. It was going to be a three hour ride, according to the traffic on the country roads and the weather.

At the starting point, New Well Hill, there were people lined up by the side of the road cheering everyone on.

By the time we were halfway, we had had two canters already and were getting ready for another. As groups set off, one after the other, Ripple was getting giddy. When my group set off, Ripple didn’t really stick to the plan. Instead of a nice steady canter, we had a nightmare, wild, spook-of-a-canter, and off I came. Gemma shook me, making sure I wasn’t unconscious.

* * * * *

At the yard a few days later, Gemma announced the winner of the competition.

“This person raised a lot of money, even though she could not continue after her little mishap, so the winner is… JADE WILERBY!!!” said Gemma, handing me the fifty pound check.

Ripple is still a star.

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  1. A very cute story:)
    Keep on writing!

  2. Awesome story! I liked how when you wanted to win you wanted to do it to help the horses, not to beat the mean girl!

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