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The Stables Are Open!

Published by • Jan 13th, 2010 • Category: GHC News

Dear Horse Girls,

I’m very excited to announce the GRAND RE-OPENING of the Girls Horse Club Stables!

The stables are one of the original features created when we launched back in 2001 (read more about our early days in the GHC history blogs). When GHC was hacked back in December 2008, it was like we experienced a barn fire that, in a matter of minutes, destroyed what took many years to build. Unfortunately we lost the stables, the Loft Book Club, and the Perfect Horse activity.

Fortunately no virtual horses or horse stories were harmed, they were simply relocated until I was able to start rebuilding. During the winter break I’ve had time to begin that process. Please stroll below for a visual overview of what you’ll find in the stables and answers to some frequently asked questions, then canter over to meet the horses. Don’t forget to bring some virtual carrots!



Info About the Girls Horse Club Stables


What are the stables and who are the Int*l Horses? The stables are an area of GHC that features fictional horse characters created by horse girls. We call them Int*l (international) Horses because horses (and horse-loving girls) are all over the world, and through their stories you’ll read about interesting horses, people, and cultures.

Are the horse in the stables real? Technically? No. Destiny, Shahar, and the other horses are virtual horses — figments of our imagination. If you’re a girl who loves horses, you’ve imagined the perfect horse. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have the perfect horse in your life. In either case, our fictional horses represent the perfect horses around the world.

Are the stables similar to a virtual horse game? Not really. Most of the activities at GHC center around reading and writing about horses. You can read each horse’s story, get to know a bit about their history, and let your imagination take flight from there. If you’re looking for a virtual horse game that allows you to feed, groom, exercise, ride, etc., there are plenty of good ones on the web.

Can I make an Int*l Horse for the stables? Maybe one day. GHC has sponsored and hosted two Int*l Horse competitions (read about them here and here). We may have another competition in the future, and if we do you’ll learn about it here on the blog.