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The Stables

Published by • Jul 7th, 2007 • Category: Loft Book Club Favorites, Poetry

by horsejo, age 11

As you walk into the stables
You see a lovely horse.
You walk on up.
You love horses, of course!

The horse’s name is Destiny.
What a wonderful name!
What a lovely creature!
No two horses are the same.

You go onto the next stall
And see another wonderful thing.
How lovely Shahar is!
She makes you want to sing!

Then you go outside to see the pasture
And there are two there.
Two lovely horses
Racing about with care.

First you see Sun Dancer
what a pretty one!
He looks so beautiful
As you watch him run.

Then you see the youngest
Little Lone Star.
For his size he has strong legs
That could take him far.

Now you’ve met the horses!
Lone Star, Sun Dancer, Destiny
And Shahar too.
And you saw them without a fee.

So whenever you want to see
These lovely virtual beings,
They are online horses
That soar without wings.