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The Tennessee Walking Horse

Published by • Aug 5th, 2008 • Category: International Horse, Junior Blogger Archives

by mustangmane, age 10

Tennessee Walking HorseThe Tennessee Walking Horse originates in the Southern United States. They are named that because of their unique “running walk”. Tennessee Walking Horses have especially long necks and stamina. They are very sweet natured and gentle. The running walk is a comfortable gait for long trail rides. Some are seen in Western Riding disciplines, and harness. Their stride is “elegant” as some call it.

Tennessee Walking horses are easy to train, and have an easy temper. They are popular in shows and have very quick and smooth movements. Most Tennessee Walking horses coats are either black or pattern-like. Their weight can reach up to 1,200 pounds and are generally 17 hands tall. The head is large yet refined, and they have small ears.

Once again, Tennessee Walking horses are known for their incredible stamina. They can walk on rough terrain going uphill while carrying heavy bags. Farmers used to hold match races, and used them to plow fields. They even used the Tennessee Walking horse after the automobile was invented. Their reputation as a “showy animal” began to grow, and breeders often looked for the different bloodlines to have intelligent and even more refined Tennessee Walking horses.

A registry was made in the year of 1935 for Tennessee Walking horses, and was closed in 1947. So, every Tennessee Walking horse born after that had to have both parents in the registry to be registered themselves.

The Tennessee Walking horse is the official horse for the state of Tennessee. Shelbyville, Tennessee calls its city the “Walking Horse Capital of The World”. Why? They host the annual Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. It is a 10 day exhibit which draws attention from breeders, exhibitors and spectators from all around the country.

A Tennessee Walking horse is pretty incredible is what I say!

Photo by DanDee Shots

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  1. I say they’re quite an incredible horse too. They have a very interesting history- I never realized they were used to plow fields. Great job of course. I’m sure Emily would love this blog.

  2. Nice blog, MM!

  3. Thanks Madelaina! I’m glad you liked it.


  4. This was really fantastic! I LOVE learning about new breeds! (I think I’ve said before, It makes me feel smart! lol) This was a really great blogs mustangmane! I cannot wait to read more from you! You have a great way of keeping the writing going!

  5. awsome blog, i love the tennessee walking horse

    -Horse luver

  6. Thanks, Jeanna Briggs, Horsecrazzz, and horse_luver!

    I was reading the last update by LeadMare, and saw that Emily (a girl on GHC) that wanted to bring up Tennessee Walking Horses on GHC. I thought it might be fun to write a blog that had to do with a different breed of horse.


  7. MM, have to say I love the blog! It covers information about the horse nicely. My uncle has one that I hold very dear to my heart! His name is Peanut, and I love him to death!!!! Thanks for doing a blog on them. Love your work!!!