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The Three Horseketeers of Wild Oak Ranch

Published by • Sep 16th, 2008 • Category: International Horse, Junior Blogger Archives

by mustangmane

Yes, the three ‘horseketeers’. That’s just the title that popped into my head.

My mom’s friend, Macie, boards her horses at a place called Wild Oak Ranch. The ranch isn’t ‘top of the line’ but the Three Horseketeers make the place look great. So, meet the Three Horseketeers- and a surprising addition too.

BUCKWHEAT– A sweet, quiet, gentle, and kind horse. Surprisingly, he is half mustang. Buckwheat used to be a trail horse for little kids in Yosemite Park. Although he is a Horseketeer, he has a little arthritis in one of his legs. Macie (my mom’s friend) rescued him. Buckwheat has a brown/chestnut coat with a blaze from his forehead to the tip of his nose. Out of all the Horseketeers, he is the most quiet and doesn’t really argue or play around.

JOE – A lazy, weird, temperamental, and crazy horse. Joe is spunky and has a crush on another Horseketeer, Missy. Joe is the kind of horse that gets jealous when you have your attention on another horse. Then he lazily walks toward you, and acts all sweet. Between Missy and Buckwheat, he is the most playful. Sometimes he starts to show off for Missy, and he ends up being nipped. Joe is also a fan of carrots and apples. His coat is mostly chestnut mixed in with a little bay.

MISSY – Oh my gosh. This horse is like 20 hands (maybe even more!) tall. I got on her once and boy — it feels like you’re on top of the world. She doesn’t like Joe very much, and usually doesn’t bother Buckwheat. Missy loves to kick her stall and bucks at Joe a lot. She thinks that she’s the center of attention; reminds me of a princess sometimes. Missy loves to run. She is another rescued horse too. She has a grayish-black coat with a little white spot on her forehead. Out of the other Horseketeers, she is the most spunky. Acts like she’s like royalty. Missy is the leader of the Horseketeer herd. Joe is sometimes the lead stallion.

CODY – The newest addition to the Horseketeer herd, Cody is a miniature horse. He is so cute. Cody has a gray coat with a little white on it. He thinks Missy is his mom, and Missy thinks that he’s her little baby. Cody loves to hang out with Buckwheat, and usually breaks up arguments with Joe and Missy. Cody tries to hang out with Joe, but I think Joe gets a little sting of jealousy because he knows Missy likes Cody better. Cody is like a little sidekick for the Horseketeers. I think he knows he isn’t big like all the other Horseketeers, but knows since he is small he has some advantages the the other Horseketeers don’t.

So that’s them. Together Buckwheat, Joe, Missy, and Cody make the perfect Horseketeer herd.

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  1. lovely idea =]