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The World According to Missy – Part 2

Published by • Aug 7th, 2011 • Category: Fiction

by Millie, age 12 and Missy, age 2


Today it rained again, so Mummy just showed me some blanket thingies. I wasn’t scared at all, so I’m NOT a wimp after all! In your face, Buddy (evil ninja Shetland pony)! I’m gonna eat him next time I get turned out with him, honest! But don’t tell anyone. Please?


I think someone has let on to Mummy that I’m planning on eating Buddy, because she told me, “No, you can’t be turned out with Bud, you always chase him. I think you’re planning something in that little brain of yours, Miss!” Therefore, you are all placed under house arrest until I can find out who it was.

OK, back to me and my life! Today, I don’t feel like doing anything. I just want to lay in my bed. Don’t feel like picking up my ph- wait, I don’t have a phone! I want a phone. Mummy brought her new one to try and record my neigh today. Needless to say, I didn’t cooperate. She took me out of the field where I was with Mouse and gave me my tea so Mouse wouldn’t steal it. While I was eating, she took some ‘pictures’ of me and tried to get me neighing by taking and giving back my feed. I just followed her and ate it all. Oh well! I like her ‘music’ on her phone. I’m forcing Willow (Mummy’s old share pony, who is a very handsome flea-bitten grey, if I do say so myself!) to teach me to sing. I think I’m quite good! When Mummy put me back in the field, she gave me the feed bucket to clean, but Mouse came over and did the grumpy face and stole the feed bowl! Mummy told me not to worry and fussed me, and I was OK after that. I will get my revenge!!!


Mummy put that bit thing in my mouth again. I didn’t want to open my mouth and threw my head around. She tried to juggle getting the bit on my teeth, getting her thumbs in my mouth, keeping hold of the bridle, and giving me a treat to open my mouth. It didn’t work. I wasn’t having it. In the end, Mummy had to get her mum to give me the treat so she could keep hold of the bridle. She got it on, and then lunged me. She said I was really good, and gave me loads of treats. Just to be nice, when she gave me my tea, I neighed. Way to rub it in, eh? I thought.


Mummy put my lightweight rug on today when she turned me out. It’s big, white and scary. I ran round like a lunatic and pulled her arm out again (probably). She got it on eventually, because I let her, of course. I went out into the field and a huge gust of wind blew as it started to pour with rain. She had just taken the headcollar off and I spooked because I saw this big white thing blow up behind me. I ran round and round the field before I finally realised that Mouse was looking at me like I was an idiot and Mummy was laughing her head off. Ooh, I hate them sometimes. Most times. All the times.


Mummy gave me the day off again today. I slept. Lots. And got wet. Lots.


Mummy tried to do that thing with the ‘bit’ again. It’s getting to be a regular thing, you know! I’m not impressed. I just stuck my head in the air again and ate every treat Mummy gave me to get me to open my mouth. Mummy really hates me now. *gulp* Oh well. Revenge is yummy. Hehehe!


Mummy was angry today, and stomped around (near enough stomping, she didn’t even look at me so I will call it stomping) because she was still mad with me. I can’t blame her, I guess. I will try to make it up to her tomorrow, if I can think of how… probably. If I don’t, well, don’t hold it against me!

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  1. This is so cute! Missy does seem to have quite the personality :)


  2. I love this!!! Brillantly written. Missy’s got some spunk!

  3. Very funny! You made it really interesting!Keep up the good work!