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The World According to Missy

Published by • Jul 12th, 2011 • Category: Fiction

by Millie, age 12 and Missy, age 2

Missy, my skewbald Appaloosa x Cob x Thoroughbred (?) two year-old filly, has decided to put hoof to very scary paper and tell you guys about the world through her eyes…


Today, Mummy decided to scare me by putting my feed bucket into a ‘plastic bag.’ It was really windy and the ‘bag’ kept flapping around. I was soooo scared, but I couldn’t stop eating my food so I just had to keep giving the ‘bag’ dragon snorts and rolly eyes to make sure it didn’t get me. Mummy was very proud of me and decided to make it even scarier by giving me a licky thing in my stable, but tied the ‘bag’ outside so it flapped and would try to eat me! I hate her sometimes, but it was worth it for the lick and extra food and, of course, smelling like garlic and slobbering everywhere.


Mouse tried to eat me today. Again. Mouse is a big Thoroughbred mare who Mummy rides, and she’s normally nice to me, but she wasn’t today. It started to rain, which was fine for me because before Mummy got me I lived out all winter without a rug, but Mouse hates the rain and got grumpy. She was OK to start with, then the rain got harder and I hid up behind her bum. She didn’t like it…


Mummy tried to put a metal thingy in my mouth today. I didn’t like it. It was yucky and made me bite my tongue. She made me eat my tea with it in and I looked like a GOH (grumpy old horse, basically Mouse, in my opinion) because all the feed went everywhere.


Mummy took me for a walk today! We went past the Neglect-imals (some poor neglected horses who nobody can do anything to help), down past the forest, and up to the ‘Silage Bales.’ I think they’re just big green things who hide nasty creatures who might eat me, so I don’t go too near them. Then we went back, and I’m proud to say, I tore Mummy’s arm out of its socket a few times (probably)!


Mummy gave me a hugemongous brush today. I think she’s planning something.


Mummy tried to bathe me today. Obviously, I disagreed with her plans and moved around a lot. Then the heat got too hot for little old me and I fell asleep while she sponged buckets of water onto me. It was nice in the end, but I’m not going to tell her that.


Today was my day off. Finally. I just stood in my stable all day and fell asleep, whilst being devoured by flies. I don’t like that fly spray stuff Mummy tries to put on. It’s in a green ‘bottle’ and is very scary. Anyway, I got turned out later and ran around a bit, then decided to eat some grass before Mouse could…

Missy is currently out of paper which won’t attack her; until we can get more, she will have to wait to write her diary / dramatic life story.

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  1. Hehe arrogant filly!

  2. Fun Blog! :)

  3. Ahh! Millie! Feed the neglect-imals! Lol. Cute blog. I want to see pics of this mare!

  4. LOL!

  5. soooo cute i gotta see pics of her!!

  6. I will put pics on her next entry! I will write more soon, but not much has happened because of all the rain (apart from a hissy fit last night with Millie and Fly spray v Missy. Guess who won? And the Neglect-imals have less than half a bale of hay left in their shelter. There are 7 on less than an acre with literally no grass and 1 field shelter which only 2 can get in and there is no more shelter!)

  7. I just realised I posted this in fiction… urk

  8. Millie, this belongs in the fiction category. Non-fiction is about factual events, but this is a fictionalized version of fact. If your horse could put pen to paper and write, she’d be the most famous horse in the world. ;-)

  9. ooh ok Leadmare, thanks =D

  10. Awesome :D

  11. Haha lolz I’m Missy’s #1 fan!!! Can’t wait for more!

  12. OK, next entry should come tomorrow, I will include a link and possibly some pics! Do you copy and paste pics on here or have to use a photobucket code?

  13. Awesome!! Can’t wait for next one :))

  14. @Millie: I’m pretty sure you have to have an html code.

  15. ok, thanks! im now writing the next entry, so stay tuned for it being posted!

  16. Yay! Me and Major are anxiously awaiting it!!

  17. Right, it’s been submitted, I just need to wait and see if it will be posted… When/if it is, I will put a link at the bottom to show you a picture

  18. OK, I give up. I’m resubmitting it, and if it doesn’t get published, I’ll post it at the bottom here

  19. Millie, story submissions are not accepted in the comments field. I suggest re-reading the Submission Guide for information about our publishing policies and what to expect in terms of timing. In addition, you can learn about how we select and pace GHC content by reading The Bigger Picture. Patience is a good quality to have around a horse barn, and that’s true for our virtual barn too!

  20. Ok, sorry!