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They’re Outta Here!

Published by • Nov 4th, 2009 • Category: GHC News

2009 Girls Horse Club Fiction Competition Prizes

This is the back of my car all loaded with prize packages for the 2009 Fiction Competition winners. (Plus my helmet and paddock boots, of course — gotta be ready to ride wherever I go!)

Because the autographed copies of Black Beauty were delayed arriving from the publisher, it took a bit longer than expected to assemble everything. Fortunately I happened to have a trip east planned right as the books arrived at the author’s home, so I was able to get them autographed for each winner then transport them back across the country to join the other great prizes in one big fat package of awesome goodies. Winners can expect their package to arrive by early next week. ENJOY!

Thank you again to all who supported the competition. If you’re shopping for gifts during the holiday season (or making a wish list for yourself), please consider something from one of our generous prize donors.

Here are a couple of photos from my trip east…

Coda & Sharon
Author and GHC Competition Judge Sharon Lerner and Her Boy Coda

Barn Kitten
The Cutest Barn Kitten Ever

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  1. The kitten is SOO cute!!! the horse is beautiful! and i hope you had fun! congrats to every one whose geting a prize! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! That kitty is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! I LOVE kittys!!!! Congrats again to all winners of the competition. You all deserve every one of the prizes you’re getting!

  3. Congratulations again to the winners. Those are great pictures leadmare! cute kitten..Looks like one of my cats when i was younger. You really put alot into the competition Leadmare.. thanks for having it in the first place! =0)

  4. Great pictures Leadmare! That kitten is sooo cute! my family has a little black shorthaired kitten named Pepper and she is ALL black-like a witch’s cat seriously!!! but she is really cute. if i had that kitten I would name him Lynx lol. that horse is beautiful and congratz to the fiction competition winners. :)

  5. Gorgeous kitten and horse!
    The kitty looks a bit startled though! lol

  6. Congrats again to the winners and that kitty is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Such cuteness!! Think I’m having a cuteness overload!!!!!!!

  7. GORGEOUS KITTEN! BEAUTIFUL, DELIGHTFUL HORSE! ya, i agree with DinaLUV. The kitty looks startled at beind discovered…congrats to the competition winners.


  8. Oh! Sweet pics!

  9. Aww the cat and the horse are sooooo cute! Once again congrats to all winners.


  10. Wow, LeadMare is a genius photographer! Those pictures are just stunning. I fell instantly in love with the horse and the adorable kitten, I wish I could teleport over there and take them home with me haha. Congratulations to all the winners! The prizes look brilliant, you guys deserved it :)

  11. Thanks for all the thoughtful comments. The competition was work, but also a learning experience and fun. For a girl who can’t get enough knowledge and fun, I don’t mind doing the work to make that happen.

    It’s true, the kitten does look a bit startled with her big eyes and her razor sharp claws extended. I guess I would be too if I was snoozing and someone stuck a big camera in my face. But she’s pretty fearless for such a little thing, and as sweet as can be.

    Coda is also a sweetie who adores his girl, but I’ll tell you a story about him. Sharon was walking him down the road during a Dressage show, and I was walking behind them taking photos. I noticed that some nice person had the sense to park their motorcycle at the end of the road and walk in so they wouldn’t startle the horses. Well, the minute Coda spotted that wheeled monster, he reared up and nearly dragged Sharon away. I went over to the motorcycle and stood next to it so he could see it wasn’t moving and wasn’t going to eat me. At that point he calmed down a bit, but was still watching that motorcycle very carefully.

    Tiny kitten, HUGE horse, and who’s the scaredy cat? ;)

  12. Leadmare- thats a funny story. I guess it might have to do with the fact that horses are prey animals and cats are decended from the predators. It is amazing though how such a big powerful animal would be spooked at the tiniest things like a moving rabbit.


  13. Leadmare, I was just wondering about something: How do you become a Junior Blogger?

  14. LeadMare I want to apologize for all the things I said when I first came onto GHC. I had no reason to say them and I don’t know why I did. I’m so sorry. Your site is so awesome and fun and I so enjoy it! Its so organized and neat and I really love hanging around! I’m so glad for the second chance and I must’ve been crazy to say any of the things I did. I’m so sorry and I love being on here! It’s and amzing site and you’re doing a champion job! I’m sure all the girls agree.

    Thanks so much for doing the competition! I didn’t win but I had fun participating and I found this site through it!

  15. the kitten looks like one of the wildcat kittens that lives under our garden shed

  16. The kittens sooo cute & and the prizes really gave me an idea about what I want for Christmas!

  17. husky+horsegirl3, that info can be found on the blog submission guide:

    Jonannah, thanks for the apology. Constructive criticism of GHC is OK — we all need to be open to new ideas and new perspectives, otherwise we never grow. At the same time, not everyone is going to like it here at GHC, and that’s OK too. I’m sure I speak for the herd when I say we’re glad you took the time to explore what GHC has to offer.

    I’m not one to give unsolicited advice, especially because I’m the “grown-up” here and I’m sure you have enough adults in your life who are generous with advice. That said… I hope you’ll refrain from calling yourself “crazy” or “stupid” or anything along those lines. If you’re not happy with something you did or said, apologize if it’s needed, reflect on that situation without harsh judgment of yourself, and resolve to do your best everyday. Hope this is helpful.

  18. Ive learned something from experience and a saying from my grandmum
    “It takes a moment to make a reputation but a lifetime to heal one.” Especially with younger brothers I set an example.. whether i want to to not. =0) I consider everyone on here like family. Even if we’re miles apart, each one of you matters in this herd.


  19. Cute horse and cat!

  20. Thanks for the info leadmare! Oh, and one more thing-when are you going to reopen the JB roster?

  21. Ya’all forgive me right? Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. I speak without thinking a lot and its frustrating sometimes. Like I’ll start saying something and then decide against it. My siblings get annoyed with that. But sometimes I can’t stop what I say in time. I’m really trying to watch what I say now. Its like that one Bible verse. I have it as one of my favorites because thats what I need to work on . . . my tongue.

  22. husky+horsegirl3, I haven’t decided if the roster will open to new JBs, but will let everyone know when there’s news. Thanks for your interest.

  23. What beautiful animals!!!!

  24. I entered (Fiction and poetry submission) the only poem I ever wrote. A poem called “The Phantom”. I thought it was a beautiful poem, but I can’t wait till the next opening. Then I’m going to enter a fiction story :)

  25. The kitten has the most beautiful blue eyes! He really is an adorable barn cat, and the picture of Coda is priceless!

  26. I entered a fiction story called Black Falcon of Arizona, but I’m not sure whether it will be published.

  27. Hey LeadMare, do you publish things in a certain order? because I see that one of my poems is going to be published, but it was one of the last things I submitted. I’ll be pretty bummed if nothing else is published. Do I have a chance of anymore of my submissions getting published? If not I guess there’s always next time :-( :-)

    And the poem day thingie looks really cool! A day of fantastic poems! I can’t wait! :-)

  28. I AM excited for my poem to be published!!! I just love it.I was just sitting on my bed one day and . . . A poem popped in to my head! And my hand took it from there. :-)

  29. Whoooopeee! got my package on the 12th, just brightened up my whole day!!! Especially since I’ve been sick…ugh.

  30. P.S. LOVED the little trophy! It goes up on my bookshelf with the ones from my horse shows. This is one award I’ll be proud to display!

  31. Elizabeth, glad everything arrived safely and you like the (SURPRISE!) trophy. Hope you feel better soon, and congrats again on your accomplishment.