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Published by • Dec 1st, 2009 • Category: LeadMare Tales

See Horse

While GHC is on a break, I hope you’ll have fun interacting with horses and horse girls in the real world. But on those days when it’s not possible to get out, or you’d like to get out but don’t know what to do, here are some ideas (in no particular order) to help you…

GIVE. In 2007 and 2008 GHC hosted Giving Season. Why not carry our spirit forward and organize your own event for giving season? Develop a plan to corral your real world friends and family around a cause (horsey or not) that’s important to you, then act on it!

BLOG. There are many sites that allow you to create a free blog, so why not start a blog of your own? These days most aspiring and published authors have a blog. In fact, some published authors (like GHC Fiction Competition judge Jessica Burkhart) were discovered through their blog.

My favorite site for creating a free blog is It’s easy to learn, and there’s great documentation and support in the WordPress community. You must be 13 or older to register at (that’s true for most blogging sites — I don’t know of any for age 12 and younger).

Remember, safety first! Before you consider starting a blog, discuss it with your parents and get their support.

VOLUNTEER. If you don’t have a horse of your own or don’t take lessons — or even if you do and you want to do something meaningful for those less fortunate — why not be a volunteer? There are therapeutic riding centers and horse rescue farms everywhere. Here are some resources to help you get started:

PLAY. There are many online horse games, and most are free or have a free mode. Some of the best and most popular are Bella Sara, Howrse, Horseland, and My Horse Club. For a comprehensive list of online horse games, read Online Horse Games at The Equinest.

CREATE. Here are some of my (and your) favorite online tools to help you create books, artwork, and more:

  • Blurb: Why wait to get published when you can do it yourself? Blurb is a free tool for creating your own book. You’ll need to download and install software on your computer so check with an adult first. It’s free to create a book, but if you want to order a hardcopy you’ll have to pay $$.
  • Picnik: Some of you are already familiar with this free tool for editing photos and creating photo illustrations. With all the images you create, you can even start your own art blog (see above)!
  • One True Media: Upload your photos, artwork, and video then mix with sound, music, and special effects to create your own movie!

PUBLISH. Many of you have aspirations to see your work published beyond Girls Horse Club. What’s holding you back from pursuing that goal? Start by doing some research into publications that might be suited to your style and interests. The Children’s Writers & Illustrators Market is a great resource to get you started. If you can’t  purchase the book, try finding it at your local library.

Here are some publications that may be suited to your work: