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This is Ours

Published by • Mar 19th, 2011 • Category: by Madelaina, Poetry

This is Ours
by Madelaina, age 15

I see you’re waiting,
The top of your mane radiating
With the wealth of the sunset,
And the swishing of your tail
Guiding the slight breeze.
I see you want to run.

I cannot run, my legs are tamed,
But my crutches can’t dictate how far I go.
I grab for no halter, nor any rope,
Nothing but your neck and some flaxen strands.
And then, we simply walk.

We pace down no beach,
No thriving field,
No forest speckled gold,
Just the paddock lane.
But we will be flawless –
No doubts,
No clock ticking.
No pain.
We will run with our own power,
In our own way and speed,
Letting the grasses lead us and
Wondering how the dandelions glow.

There are no limits when it comes to passion
Nor need to be afraid when there is love.
So let our legs fail, let the wind surpass.
Timeless, fearless we will be –
Let’s see how far this perfection takes us…

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  1. Wow Made this is really deep poem! was it inspired by someone you know? My dad was this way when he was younger.. because of train accident. But he kept persisting because of my mum and me. “There are no limits when it comes to passion”. Good job


  2. I really like the idea of saying that no matter how you built you can do anything you want! Great job!

  3. I don’t know if you intended this or not, but the use of the word “tamed” to describe the girl’s legs as opposed to the horse, I thought, is brilliant. The whole idea of galloping freely with your horse over the beach isn’t as realistic as going as far as you can with your limitations, whether they’re physical or not, and appreciating the beauty of the moment while being happy.

    This is fantastic, and the levels of meaning are thought-provoking and poignant. This is one of your best.

  4. I totally agree with Julia.
    Well done Madelaina:)

  5. That is a perfect poem! Unique and actually inspiring. The bond between a horse and a human does not rely on how fast you can go. Brilliant!

  6. This poem is touching and brilliantly made. I know your perfection will take you really far

  7. this is a really great poem, and very inspiring. the picture is wonderful


  9. “Let’s see how far this perfection takes us” really got me as it is a powerful line that fits excellently with the rest of this superb piece of work
    You should be proud so many people have been moved by your work

  10. i love this poem, becuase it’s so deep and could give inspiration to anyone with a disability.

  11. Thanks everyone for the support! I’m so happy that everyone was able to draw some meaning from this poem.

    HorseFeathers: No, it wasn’t inspired by someone I know, but I definitely tried to connect with therapeutic riders and their section of the horse world. I find that there is something very raw and powerful about them. I’m sorry about your dad’s accident, but his persistence is very inspiring and he sounds like a wonderful person.