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Three Horse Things About Meme

Published by • Oct 9th, 2007 • Category: Fun & Games

Ever heard the term ‘meme‘? In web-speak, it refers to a catchphrase or concept that gets spread from person to person across the Internet. One popular meme is the concept of one blogger ‘tagging’ another blogger to answer a list of questions. Usually the questions reveal something interesting about the person answering. Once the blogger answers the questions, they tag another blogger. And so on…

Let’s try something like this, but within the Girls Horse Club blog. Perhaps we’ll learn something interesting about one another! So no one feels pressured if they don’t want to participate, and so we have the possibility of hearing from readers who are usually silent, instead of tagging we’ll just voluntarily step up to answer through comments.



  1. If you could star in a remake of your favorite horse movie, what movie would it be and what part would you play?
  2. If you could ask any horse just one question and hear their answer, what horse would you choose and what question would you ask him/her?
  3. If you could travel back in time and meet a horse from history, what horse would it be?


  • This is open to everyone, not just Girls Horse Club bloggers and authors.
  • Only comments that answer all three questions will be published.
  • One response per person please — let’s hear from a variety of readers.

If you have a blog or web site of your own, feel free to start your own meme. You’re welcome to use the text and/or images from this one, or come up with your own idea.

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  1. Well, if I could star in the remake of my favourite horse movie I would star in Flicka. If I could ask any horse one question I would ask this horse named Mickeyanna, or Mickey for short, if she could go anywhere in the world, where would she go? As far as time travel goes, I would want to meet Canady Red, one of the few famous Canadian racehorses. [Everyone does know who Canady Red is, right?]

  2. If I could star in any movie I would star in Racing Stripes as the girl who rides him in the “Big Race” (whats her name again?), If I could ask a horse a question, I would ask ChaCha, and the question would be, would she like to come live with me and be my horses (she’d say yes of course ;) ) and If I coyuld travel back in time to meet any horse it would be to meet Ruffian, because she was such an amazing horse!

  3. If I could star in any horse movie it would be as Cale Crane in Dreamer who saves Sonyador.

    If I could ask one horse any question it would be to Zip (my favoritest ever Appy gelding). I would ask him what his past was like before coming to be a lesson horse.

    If I could go back in history to meet any horse that horse would be Haleb, also known as Pride of the Desert. Haleb beat out 19 Morgan horses in the Justin Morgan Cup eventhough he was an Arabian. His mother was the last of the distinguished Maneghi Sbeyel mares, tracing back more than 500 years, and his sire was a stallion of the family of Sueyman Sebba of the southern desert.

  4. If I could star in a horse movie it would be Black Beauty, and I’d be Joe..friends with Balck :)

    The question I’d ask Riley (Lovely horse I rode once) would be ‘Do you like me?’

    And going back in history to meet a horse…
    I don’t actully know any horses in history (:S) but I’d like to meet Desert Orchid, who died last year.

  5. If I could star in a horse movie it would be Touching Wild Horses. (The star would be a girl, of course!)

    I would ask Danny, (he taught me how to ride)What do I need to do to be the best rider possible for a horse?

    If I could travel back in time to meet a horse, I would meet the Godolphan Arabian.

  6. If I could star in a horse movie it would probably be The Black Stallion!

    I would ask Brandon my favorite horse EVER! Who died two years ago (I mentioned him a one of my blogs) about his past.

    If I could travel back in time to meet a horse I would meet Seattle Slew!

  7. If I could star in a horse movie it would be Black Beauty(sorry, its one of the only ones I know).

    If I could ask any horse a question, it would be Buddy, my Pappaw’s colt(whom he said he would NOT sell just because of me!) and I would ask him if he trusted me enough to train him.

    If I could travel back in time to meet a horse, it would definitely be Barbaro, the greatest racehorse in history!

  8. 1) I would be in the movie Hidalgo and be his rider … I forgot what his riders name was … but I think it would be fun to ride him.

    2) I would ask a horse how it felt to be ridden. I want to know what it feels like to run fast with someone on your back. I just know I wouldn’t enjoy it.

    3) I would meet a draft horse. I love soliders and I would want to wish him luck in the battle.

  9. If I could star in a movie I would be Katy off of Flicka. [one of the best horse movies, ever]
    I would ask Lucky if it is hard to carry a rider. I feel like i am hurting a horse every time i ride, but i am not sure…
    I would like to meet seabiscuit or the Godolphan Arabian.

  10. If I could star in a horse movie it would be Flicka. I would play Katy of course, because I can relate a lot to her and the movie.

    I would like to ask the greatest horse ever,my barrel horse Chief, If he misses me as much as I miss him when I’m at school or away from home.

    If I could travel back in time to meet any horse it would be General Robert E. Lee’s war horse Traveler. I can only imagine how he must have felt for the first time rushing into battle, with bullets whizzing past his ears. :D