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Timetable Terrors

Published by • Nov 12th, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Horse Advice

by DianaLUV♥, age 12

If you own/rent a horse and you have a super busy timetable, you can find it hard to squeeze things in. I am lucky enough to have parents who will give up time on Saturday mornings to bring me to my riding lesson, where I attempt to fill my desire of horses for the week ahead.

If you have long school hours and extra activities (besides horse riding), then you may want to take a look at how to fit in an hour and a half or more for spending time with that special animal…

1) See if you can switch around activities to days that you have lots of spare time on. For example, if you only have an hour of spare time on Tuesday, but five hours on Wednesday, try to move that extra activity to a different date.

2) If you have limited spare time then bring all your horsey essentials with you so that you’re ready to dash off to the stables the moment you can.

3) Try to keep your weekends free of activities as you have no school then and you can spend two consecutive days with your horse and relax as much as you want.

4) If you’re in high school, try to get your homework completed on the day you get it, so you won’t waste precious horsey hours doing last minute homework.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to squeeze in some extra hours for some horsey delights!

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  1. Champion blog DianaLuv! My riding lessons when i have them are usualy on Firdays so i Work ahead a day in each class so i can have the whole Friday off. Of cource Im in homeschool so that helps. again good tips

  2. sadly enough, I have from 12:00am until forever except on Tuesdays and Wenesdays and Sudays. I am homeschooled so I have TOO much time, and NO horses! *crying*

    good blog though!

  3. Next summer looks to be extra busy for me if everything works out. And as I’ve said many times, I’m hoping to start taking riding lessons next summer and I’ll need to squeeze that in some where. So these are great tips DianaLuv! Great blog, very informative and great tips!

    You’re both home schooled? That is super cool! I’m another home schooled girl. Have been all my 10 years of being in school (I’m a freshman) I adore it. I used to have too much time on my hands but now my writing, school, speech, and choir fills my time. Winter is usually busy for me. I start my figure skating too! Argh! I need more time :-)

  4. you figure skate?! O.o ive always wated to do that, but my knees are to weak :( i go to a public school…champion blog! i have to much time a it is though -_-‘

  5. How cool…I’m homeschooled too.
    DianaLuv-your blog was very informative and well-written. Very inspiring!


  6. Wow! Lots of homeschool girls! I’m another, right here! I usually get all my weekly work done on one or two or maybe even three days of the week, so i have the other days free…. :-) but that’s just me. I really, really hate math, because we’re in the much harder work now…..7th grade is sooo hard. :'( But great job with your blog! Keep writing!

  7. Yup yup. I figure skate Pal. Its super fun! I can do a bunch of half jumps and one full jump. I can do a two foot spin and I’m learning to do the one foot spin and the sit spin. And I can do a bunch of little tricks too :-)

    Yup us home schoolers are awesome. Though other schoolers are pretty cool too ;-) lol :-)

  8. OKay, guys….i’ve got some news. Wanna hear? Great. So, my mom said that Memory, Titian’s best foal, was being brought to our farm!!! She bought him back, and sooooooo he’s my new horse! My heart still aches to think about Titian, but i’m veeeery excited! Just thought ya’ll would like to know!!!


  9. Great blog- I don’t own a horse, but I can relate to your info. Your tips were wonderful and hopefully I’ll remember them! Oh, and I’m homeschooled too! :] I’m glad to know I’m not the only one!

  10. Wild’n’Free- oh i remember 7th grade… 4 years ago. wow im getting old. Its over the hills for me. lol. I’ve always not been the best at math. Trust me girl, its going to get a lot more complicated so I advise you to get the basics down while you can. Cuase your going to need it up there in Geometry and Algebra. =0)

  11. I am so glad this article got published! I really needed those tips and I can’t wait to try them out.

  12. Haha yes I remember 7th grade too. But that was only two grades away for me. But it seems like forever. I’d like to say math gets easier. But from there on it’s harder, much harder. Algebra, and such. I’m pretty OK with Algebra, fractions, and decimals. But percentages kill me :-) But when my tests came back I did well on percentages, silly isn’t it?

    Awesome news Wild’n’free. Doesn’t it seem like some girls get horses easier than others? My friend got a horse last summer, but they had to put her down. And then she got another one. And then her trainer gave her family another one. So she got three horses in one summer. :-)
    Some girls just have all the luck :-)

  13. HorseFeathers, it gives me a grin when you call yourself old and over the hills. I like that you take on the perspective of an older, wiser filly with your GHC horse sisters. Your younger (real life) siblings are very lucky to have a big sis like you. :)

  14. Leadmare- Thanks for the complement.. I still hate the fact that im almost out of high school and setting up to go to equine vet school. Im excited about my future career but im gonna miss being a kid.

    Dont try and rush your life along girls, kidhood doesnt last forever! =0)

    Oh and it would do my brothers some good for someone to tell them that their LUCKY to have a sister like me. lol. They probably wouldnt think so. At least i have GHC sisters. =0)


  15. Wild’n’Free,

    That is so cool! You should write a story about it… I’m glad that you’re getting another horse.


  16. Wow! What a lot of homeschooled girls around here! Super cool! I was homeschooled too, at least, until I graduated. Whoops, now I’m letting my age slip. :-) Wild’N’Free, that’s so cool that you’re getting Titian’s foal. Memory is such a cute name. Hey, does anyone use A.C.E curriculum?

  17. It does kinda seem like some people get horses easier than others, doesn’t it?? Well…..maybe it’s just because of resources and good connections. Memory was brought to us today, and he’s GORGEOUS (spelling?? I suck at spelling & math)!!!!!! He has this really slick black coat like Titian, and he has sparkling eyes just like Halo……I’m really happy that Memory is here, but I can’t help feeling guilty. Is it too early to leave Titian behind? I still love him & Halo with all of my heart, but…..I feel like I NEED Memory. He’s kinda my last line to Titian. All of the other foals sired by Titian have been shipped off — Titian’s line is very popular, for some reason. :D Anyways, I’m just rambling on. See ya’ll around!


  18. So cool I’m another homeschooled horse lover and I know lots more. I have way to much time on my hands and only one hour a week with horses. Except for int the summer than I have about 21 hours with horses. I love summer. sigh

  19. Awww… I’m not homeschooled. I just go to a normal secondary school (that’s a high school in Ireland. Do you guys call them High Schools???)