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Published by • Dec 30th, 2007 • Category: Non-Fiction


by Stargazer, age 11

In many horse places I go, I’m seeing and hearing more and more things that say ‘to be a horse girl you have to be like this’ or ‘if you truly love horses, you don’t care about clothes or anything else.’ Not particularly at Girls Horse Club, but on many horse sites where you can post your own writing. Now I want to remind us all of what it truly takes to be a horse girl.

Being a true horse girl isn’t as hard as people make it seem. You just simply have to love and be devoted to horses, and try to be a little bit more like them as in kindness and fairness. That’s it. You can like shopping, clothes, boys, makeup and other stuff, and still love and be devoted to horses. I love shopping for clothes that show my unique style and the confidence I have because of horses. There’s my point about the girly stuff.

Now a point about the attitude of horse girls. In my opinion, a horse girl would not be rude or unkind to others for no good reason, or even for a good reason. Horse girls shouldn’t set requirements for other girls that say if you do this you’re not a horse girl. Horses don’t set requirements for us to ride them, do they? No. Horse girls should try to be kind and open to other girls whether they ride or don’t ride. We should be happy that there are more horse girls like us out there, rather than ignore them because they don’t know anything about horses. If a horse girl has done something like this, it doesn’t mean they’re not horse girls anymore. It just means she is a horse girl who made a mistake, and should be willing to stop.

That is all it takes to be a true horse girl — love, devotion, and kindness.

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  1. very nice stargazer! i think u’ve got a point i love shopping and stuff like that. but i’m still completely devoted to horses and would definately choose my equine friends over anything else! i cant make up my mind between u and halee on who shood get the 10th junior blogger slot but good luck to both of u!

  2. Thanks so much Syd for the support!

  3. Do you know me? cause you just perfectly described me!! Good blog!!! :D :D

  4. Ha! I just noticed that the horse under kindness is sticking out it’s tongue! Sorry if that is off subject. :))

  5. Wow! Stargazer! You are an amaizing writer. I’m glad I don’t have to choose the new Jr. Bloggers! I couldn’t do it! You all are to good! Keep up the Great Work, I lok forward to reading more from you in the future Stargazer!

  6. That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking! But you said it way better than I ever could!

  7. This is so good, no, great, no…what’s the word…fantastic! I can’t think how an 11 year old can write something like that! Now THAT blog showed love, devotion and kindness! Those are unforgettable rules and it was beautifully written! Keep it up Stargazer! You deserve to be a Jr. Blogger!

  8. Thanks so much u guys! I’m so glad that you like it!! :D

  9. Very nice points, SG. I find your blog very…how do I put this…deep and well put.

  10. To some really good authors here at G.H.C, I say to them I can’t explain in words how good there blog was…REALLY! But you, this really describes that horse girls have the freedom to like whatever they want, INCLUDING boys, makeup, clothes, all that stuff. And with you compared to all the great authors that I have said that (and truly meant it) this tops those all. ;)

  11. I love your blog,you are an amazing writer, and i love what you written, it truely sounds like it came from the heart. :)

  12. AWESOME!!!!! :D

  13. I agree with Wild Stallion heart. it sounds like it came from the heart! very well written! evn though it’s a bit short it’s strait to the point! also some horse girls that don’t act like very nice or fair horse girls sometimes don’t be ufair to a rider but to the riders horse. a few of my friends and i have had a few people put down are own horses. thats also a problem from unfair horse girls. :(

  14. I love Horses! ;;)

  15. I’m very proud of you Your a very good righter! ;;),Sarah O:-)