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Trust In the Middle

Published by • Nov 22nd, 2011 • Category: Fiction

by Tori, age 17

“Hey Gus! They’re coming! They’ve got the ropes too!!” I whinnied enthusiastically when I saw the middle one and the big one walking towards us in the field. My heart skipped a beat, hoping I’d actually get to go somewhere this time.

“Don’t get your hopes up, kid, the middle one always takes me” Walter grunted at me.

“Hey Lilly, Walter, let’s go guys!” the middle one called for us as the big one walked Gus out.

“I get to come too Walter! Ooooh I’m so excited, she picked me!!” I nickered.

As I walked out of the field with Walter on one side of the middle one and me on the other, I started to get nervous because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I hated the trailer she was walking me towards. It was scary, really shaky, and the things that went by us were really loud. I saw Gus, Jake, and Jack all walk on with no problems, but for me it was awfully scary.

“Come on Lilly,” I heard her use that soothing clicking on me, “It’s alright baby. It’s safe, I promise.” The middle one was coaxing me onto the trailer.

“Well alright, but not because you want me to, just because I don’t want to hold things up,” I thought as I jumped up into my spot and got tied. I felt a lot better when Walter was put in right there next to me.

“Hey Jake! Will they stop if I shout louder? We’ve been on here forever!” I shouted up to the gentle old man just a couple feet away. He was a good safety net and I was stressing. As hard as I tried to stay calm, I was still craving solid land.

Jake sighed and simply replied in his deep voice, “We’ll stop when we get there, Sassy.”

A few moments later, Walter nudged me and questioned, “Hey kid, we’re about here, feel us slowing down?”

“Are we? Oh yay! It’s about dadgum time!” I happily exclaimed.

We all squinted our eyes to prevent them from the shock as light poured into our cozy trailer. I heard the big one instruct the middle one in a harsh tone to get Bucky off the trailer. Something seemed to be bothering her so I figured I should be good and just stand still. Finally she got Walter and I onto — thank the Hay Lord — solid ground, nice and safe.

“Here Cassie, take Walter — he can be tied to the trailer. I need to walk Lilly around a little bit.” The middle one explained.

I liked her the best, she always knew how to make me feel better; lots of hugs and kisses, rubbing my neck, scratching my itchy spots, brushing me until I shone, baths when it was unbearably hot, and sometimes even giving me a special surprise in my grain — carrot and oat treats.

I didn’t realize how lost in my daydream I was until I felt this bulky pad getting placed on my back and I saw I was tied to a post next to Ace. I felt the straps tighten around me and the weight of the saddle settle down on just the right spot. I felt good since I was getting to do something, but at the same times I was nervous because I didn’t want to screw up.

“Gooooood girl Lilly, that’s it. Take the bit, oh good girl, sweetie!!” The middle one sounded so thrilled that I didn’t put up much of a fight with her over the leathery thing with the sweet tasting silver thing on it. I tried not to move as she jumped on. It felt soooo weird having someone on you. It makes you feel like you have a lot of responsibility. A weight on my shoulders I’ve never had before, literally and figuratively.

“Hey Momma! Look how good Lilly’s being, she’s even reining a lot better today!” the middle one yelled as she patted my neck.

It took a few minutes for everyone else to get situated, but finally we were off on our adventure. I was bubbling with excitement, to the point where I didn’t even mind being squished between Gus and Jake. We all had to walk in between a couple rocks so I took my chance to move up towards the front, right behind Walter where I was not made into a Lilly sandwich. I was overjoyed that the middle one wanted the same thing and I must admit I was getting distracted by all the new sights and smells.

I saw tall, tall trees, some funky-looking walk path things, people, and a few metal boxes as we passed the final gravel patch. We started going down a hill into real country, and then up popped water! Well this threw me for a spin! I was rather nervous, I had never crossed water before and I wasn’t about to try without a little encouragement. I looked up and everyone was already across! What in the world did they expect me to do? Well I stuck one leg in and ooooooh it was cold! As I stepped back, I felt the middle one lean forward and stroke my neck soothingly.

“It’s okay, honey. I promise it won’t hurt you girl. It’s just water, you play with it all the time in the tub back home.” She was talking so calmly.

“I don’t want to go!” I snorted, but I suppose all she heard was a snort because the pressure on my sides began again.

“Lilly just go, look — it’s safe here,” Gus showed me as he came back to help me.

“Come on girl, it’s okay,” the middle one pressed on.

“Okay fine! I’ll go,” I sighed, losing the battle.

After taking one step forwards, I wasn’t as scared. I felt the nice patting begin again on my neck so I knew I was doing something right.

“Lilly! Oh good girl! I’m so proud of you sweetie.” She praised me over and over and kept rubbing my neck.

I liked this kind of attention a lot, especially since she got me over this big fear of mine, it certainly made me trust her a lot more. After the water, and learning to trust her, things were just calm and nice. Everyone was relaxed and I was enjoying seeing another part of the world. For quite some time we just walked in between real tall trees and sometimes up and down hills. We crossed more water, and I was allowed to splash and mess around for as long as I pleased. I even jumped over some logs! Things started to get more steep and rocky. They also got a lot more slippery. I could feel the middle one’s nerves grow because she was leaning forwards and looked at either side of the ground over my shoulders.

“Okay, this is my time to shine. She didn’t let me get hurt before, so I need to keep her safe now,” I thought to myself.

I picked my steps very carefully and walked cautiously. I took my time and looked to see where the leaves and rocks were the least slippery. Finally, after what felt like forever, we got to the bottom. I felt the praise come by the gentle pulling back on my mouth and the relaxation of her legs.

“Lilly, you’re such a bright girl! Dad did you see that?!” the middle one shouted while rubbing my neck.

“That beautiful mare is taking good care of you, Tori,” the big one replied with a grin.

The rest of the ride was fairly uneventful, but that was okay because I was getting worn out. I felt a flicker of happiness followed by a leap of disappointment when I saw the trailer. I was happy because I had done my job, but disappointed because the day and excitement was over.

The middle one jumped off the saddle, and hugged and rubbed my neck because she was so excited. I took my head and knocked that silly black thing off her to give her a proper thank you for giving me such an amazing day. I knew this day had been a success because I heard those magic words from her…

“Hey Lilly, you want a couple carrot and oat treats?”