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Turn That Frown Into a Smile!

Published by • Oct 28th, 2009 • Category: Gift Horse

by Violet Inkpen, age 13

Ever had a bad day? Raise your hand, because we all do! Did you ever look at a picture of a horse and think to yourself, “Boy, bet they never have bad days?” Well, guess what? They do! Just like humans, horses have feelings. What can you do about a bad day? My answer to almost every sad feeling is usually HORSES!

Pretend you are riding a silver horse through a cloud, white wings on either side. Your heart will soar with the horse and soon you will be grinning from ear to ear.

Smile!Sometimes it helps me to draw horses, because each horse has personality! Trying to capture the mischief, innocence, spirit, rebellion, gentleness, willingness, loyalty, and love can be hard, but it always makes me feel better about myself. Seeing their personality and capturing it helps me think about my own feelings and helps me sort them out.

Drawing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea or bucket of oats, but maybe just looking at pictures of horses can give you the same calm? Gather pictures of horses and on your next bad day look into their eyes, see their character, feelings, personality, and let your own heart teach you how to smile again. I promise you you’ll feel better by just looking at the funny little foal with long whiskers and a sweet face, or seeing the fiery young stallion galloping through the meadow.

It helps you slow down and think about what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. Just looking at a horse’s face can tell you a lot about them — and about you. Horses help us in more ways than one. They let us reach goals, gallop on the wind, soar over jumps, win races. They also help our hearts to heal and grow. Do horses rock or do horses rock? I mean come on!



Photo Credit: lrargerich

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  1. Wow, Vi, totally love it. I really needed this. Keep it up!

  2. Do horses rock or do horses rock? Definitely horses rock! This is an excellent blog, you’ve explained everything so well. The language you used, especially “let your own heart teach you how to smile again”, was perfect for what you were trying to say. I love that line :) Thanks for devising a clever way to get rid of those bad days.

  3. inspirational piece Vi! and the pic goes right along with it.

  4. I LOVE the pic it is absolutely adorable!!!! And that was an amazing blog Vi! I didn’t get to comment on it yesterday because I couldn’t see the whole comment block thingy :-) But it was an awesome blog and definitely! EVERYONE has bad days!!! :-) Great job!

  5. So true!As always you’re blog is awesome!~Ld

  6. Love the pic and the blog! Awesome blog! :)

  7. somtimes when im close to breaking the only thing that keeps me together is Pal. awesome blog, and leadmare LOVE the holloween stuff

  8. That was a very good paper and I know horses have bad days. I like to thing on their bad days they picture their one human and that makes their day better. lol