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Virtual Meets Reality

Published by • Oct 22nd, 2008 • Category: Horse Entertainment News

If you’ve been hanging around GHC for a bit, you remember when I first met Terri Farley back in June 2007 at a local horse expo. Since then she’s been a special guest in our virtual barn on two occasions (June 2007 and July 2008) and we’ve corresponded periodically around common interests.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet with Terri face-to-face again over a yummy breakfast. I can’t tell you all of what we discussed as some of it was about Terri’s future projects (she’ll be the first to tell you about that) but can tell you we spent most of our time talking about horses and horse girls.

I haven’t read as many of Terri’s books as many of you have, but can understand why they’re so popular. Horse girls—whether they have tons of horse experience or just worship them from afar—can sniff out an author who’s anything less than authentic, and Terri is the real deal. A true horse girl who writes from the heart. She may not have a horse of her own, but she’s a staunch advocate for horses. She’s also nutty for wild horses, to the point where she’ll spend two weeks in the most rugged conditions on an uninhabited island to help EarthWatch scientists determine how population control affects the social behavior of wild mares.

You may have heard some Hollywood people are interested in making a movie based on Terri’s books. How exciting is that? Let’s hope for a Phantom Stallion movie one day, and wish Terri luck with all her future projects.

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  1. Wow. I hope she does. I bet it’ll be a great movie. I’ve read all the books, except for one in the Wild Horse Island series, which I am waiting for.

  2. Good job on the blog hehe that rymed

  3. That is so cool!!!!!!!! :)
    A movie of one (or more) of her books would be awsome! I hope that will go through.
    Can wait to hear from her!

  4. There’s going to be a movie? It would be so exciting when it comes. Thanks for keeping everything updated, and I wish Terri the very best of luck! She is an amazing writer.

  5. It’s funny. I have been playing Sam (or Samantha) Forster throughout this week. I think she has such great characteristics. Maybe they’ll choose me to play her… (just kidding..)

    I am now reading Phantom Stallion #9: Gift Horse

    Terri is such a fantastic writer!


  6. This is so great. I heard about the movie on Terri’s myspace blog! I am so so so very excited. These are some of my favorite books!

    Can’t wait to see the movie!


  7. Anytime a great book is turned into a movie it is awesome! : ) Instead of reading for hours and hours you can watch the book come to life!!!