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Published by • Feb 23rd, 2015 • Category: Horse Advice, Non-Fiction

by Rey, age 12

Have you ever found yourself waiting for the one? That one horse you win tons of blue ribbons with, or maybe you teach tons of tricks, or maybe just a horse that you can relax and have fun with? All these are great horses and they are out there. The hard part is to wait.

You can think of waiting as an unbearable time, or as a learning time. Waiting is beautiful, in its own way. Patience is even prettier. Patience is like waiting for that baby bird to spread its wings and fly. Sure it might take a while, but it is so worth the wait when that little bird can finally fly.

You’re just like that bird aren’t you? And your perfect horse could be like a little chick inside an egg, waiting for the perfect time to hatch. And it will be worth the wait instead of getting the wrong chick, or in this case, the wrong horse.

Have you heard the saying “There’s a horse for every human and a human for every horse?” Well, it’s totally true. In good time, that perfect horse will come.

Waiting isn’t so bad now, is it? Patience will get you far, and you will have to keep that patience when you get your perfect horse. Because no horse is perfect, but patience is.


So keep in mind that perfect horse might still be in its little egg while you have already hatched and are trying to fly. Just wait. The time will come when that egg will crack and your perfect horse will help you fly.

You just have to wait. Patiently.

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  1. Oh! Now two people have wrote it! Because, funny thing, I had the idea, than I got on, and someone had already used it. Now there are two people! But, nevermind, can’t use that same idea.

  2. But, I loved it sooo much! I like how you describe things. It is sooo amazing! :)

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  4. That was great! I loved reading that! It was beautiful.

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  6. it was really amazing!!!! I loved it!!!!

  7. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is pretty inspirational. really speaks from the heart. I have always been eager to find the perfect horse but i really need to just wait….. thanks :) <3

  9. Thx!