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Wanted: Inspiration

Published by • Oct 18th, 2009 • Category: Books & Writing, by Julia, Junior Blogger Archives

by Julia, age 15

The last time I sat down with the sole intention of writing to my favorite horse girls was all the way back in May! That’s five months, right? Math isn’t my strong suit…

Anyway, I decided to write this when I was looking back through older blogs and fiction that I had written back in 2007. I came across the newsletters on Maggie, the HopeFoal that I was so inspired by when I had heard her story here at GHC. Determined to bring attention to that foal’s brave struggle, I wrote the poems HopeFoal and HopeFoal: A Prayer Answered, and had even written part of a seventh grade school project on her. That got me thinking, and I realized I haven’t been truly inspired to write with a purpose in a very long time.

Next month is National Novel Writing Month, and I want to participate. How, though, can I truly write something so large and detailed when nothing is inspiring me to do so? Horses are obviously inspiring; I mean c’mon, have you not read the work on this site? What I need is to find something specific that I’m passionate about and just channel all my passion into writing a novel worthy of being dedicated to whatever it is that inspires me.

The bottom line is I need to be inspired. I feel like I’ve used that word too many times in this blog, but what other word is there? Right now, I am asking you, who I love for reading what I have to say, to please help me find that inspiration. It might be in the form of a horse like Maggie, a horse with a story that simply touches my heart. Maybe it’s in the form of a poem you write that just sends chills down my spine because the words talk to me in a way that just click and turn on the little light bulb above my head. The bulb needs to be replaced as soon as possible, because the darkness is causing writer’s block at its worst!

For anyone that is having the same problem that I am, I sympathize with you. Really, I do. I’m sure you will be more than willing to share your inspirations with me in the comments, and I thank you in advance for helping me and anyone else who is banging their head against the wall in frustration because their light bulb burnt out.

For now, know that I’ll be reading every word you write in the hopes of turnin’ on the light bulb and spending as much time as I can with what I love to write about the most – the horses in my life.

Happy horsing, GHC!

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  1. well Im doing Nano Wrimo too and I have um . . . four ideas. But I have one picked out. It’s a mystery(thats what I’m writing) I asked a couple people what they thought about my plot and they liked it so thats what I’m doing. :-) November is breathing down my neck though! whew! I wonder if I’ll make the 50,000 words!

    Inspiration never comes when you need it. *sigh* such a frustration. :-)

  2. I hate writer’s block. It captures me with its twisting fingers so often, and then holds me there for days. Sometimes i wish i could scream; when i finally do crack, that’s when i pick up my pencil and start writing. Often, when i write after writer’s block, i don’t even know what i’m writing. But then, when i re-read what i’ve written, its a masterpiece. That proves that writer’s block can be a good thing…just let it take its toll, and when you finally crack, you’ll write a masterpice worthy of posting on this site. :-)

    Right now, i have writer’s block. I hope that you get some insperation, Julia, and hopefully i’ll find some, too.


  3. A horse love story?

  4. Inspiration, for some it is hard to find. I try to choose characters with real life personality, probelms, and ideas. Sometimes I just start a story with how I am feeling or what is happening. “The cold wind whipped against the branches of the trees, sending leaves spirraling towards the ground..” And from there burst an incredable story that I hardly had any part in. Sometimes I think that my fingers write the stories without me. I just sit back, close my eyes and fall asleep and when I open my eyes a story is before me. I sometimes marvel at it!

    But inspiration isn’t always in abundance for everyone. So you can looka round you at people, find someoen interesting, and write about it!

  5. I’ve been trying to figure out for weeks, what I can write that’s just awsome! I hate spending so much time, and still not having anything to write. This really show the writers block can be a good thing…it just takes a while. Good luck, Julia and good luck to all the other cowgirls with writers block.

  6. I like what Wild’n’Free said. That’s exactly what writers block is. But sometimes your best creations come from battling with writer’s block. I don’t experience it very much, but sometimes my stories end up reading like horse plop. :( But I just have to rewrite, rewrite, rewrite! Just think positive. I think something with a crush, horses, adventure, and mystery would be very nice. Maybe the character is new to horses, and she gets lost. idk, I’m just giving ideas. Anyway, hope this helps!

  7. I can find inspiration in the most simple places. It might be a special plant in the backyard, or the result of thinking and just letting my mind lead its own way. I find horses can always inspire me, because each movement, twitch or gaze is a story of its own. I’ve tried writing down scraps of storys or ideas and piecing them together where suitable to make a whole story. It helps me to include those once useless ideas and create something new. But then again, writer’s block likes to chase all creativity away.

    Don’t ever give up, but take breaks and give your head a chance to release its imagination. I know you’ll be sure to write something amazing!

  8. Look through some old horse stories or something Julia! I found that that helps. My idea for Nano Wrimo is actually an old idea that I tweaked and then wrote the entire plot in three pages. But I’m happy with it and I think I can make the 50,000 words.

  9. I’ve found that one of the places where ideas come from the most is dreams. In dreams, anything can happen, and you always expect the unexpected. One night, when I woke from a nightmare, I thought for a while about what to do to forget that nightmare or turn it into a dream. I worked for hours that night, into the wee hours of the morning, writing down and throwing away ideas for my story.

    The next morning, I had my friend read over the story. She told me it was the best story she’d ever read. It’s only a couple thousand words, so I can’t submit it for Nano Wrimo. Oh well… I’ll find some place else to submit it.

    In short, here’s my conclusion of my experiances with dreams and nightmares: writing ideas can come from anywhere — from a river to a dream to a tree to another story you’ve read.

    Hope this helps,

  10. Great blog! I got some inspiration last night from four special horses from my past. I hope to write a book about them. Their story is beautiful, but also heartbreaking. don’t worry,
    Julia, math isn’t my best subject either! :]

  11. I have am going to be writing a fiction story with real mustangs like Cload and Blanca.Maybe you could write about a horse you care about.p.s.I don’t like math either!

  12. Julia, I’m doing NaNo WriMo too! But I’m in the young writers part, cuz i don’t think I can write 50,000 words. I’ll just stick to 35,000! lol. Anyway good luck!