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We All Have Our Own Point of View

Published by • Aug 8th, 2010 • Category: Summer of Horse Dreams Roundup

by Martha Lee Halstead, age 13

My interviewee is my riding teacher, Olana. Her family is trying to re-create the Spanish Iberian Barb on their horse/cattle ranch. In addition to instructing people how to ride, she has trained her own horses, and has been riding ever since she was able to walk.

1. What is your opinion on the Mustang population?

My opinion is that it’s too large and overpopulated and that they should be reduced in number whether that means humanely killing them, or slaughtering them would be better, and use their feed for a resource, put it to good use. Or, at least, gelding the stallions and not letting them grow in number. They definitely should not be allowed any more land to live on because it’s a waste of good land that could be used for cattle, therefore contributing to our economy, but as they are, they don’t contribute to anything.

2. What is your view about using whips on racehorses, or any horse?

My view is that using a whip is a good and necessary discipline, if only used for a discipline tool, and whether it’s a racehorse or any other horse, they have a job to do and it takes discipline sometimes to do that job. A whip should never be used in a mean way, but it’s very helpful to help the horse to understand what their job is and what they need to do, and if winning and running as fast as they can is something that is part of their job, it’s a good tool.

3. When riding a horse, which style, Western or English, do you think is more comfortable for the horse?

I think that either one can be just as comfortable as the other, as long as you have a saddle that fits the horse and is comfortable for the horse, and as long as you can ride in a manner that is comfortable for the horse. The type of riding can be just a harsh as a saddle, depending on the rider. Or, it could be gentle or natural for the horse if the rider is riding correctly and is understanding the horse and it’s balance. Either one can be just as good as the other as long as the rider is a good rider.

4. Do you believe in “Horse Whispering”?

It all depends on the person. The horse will respond correctly and in a positive manner if the person is handling the horse correctly and communicating with the horse efficiently and clearly so the horse doesn’t get confused, and if the person can understand to read the signs the horse is giving them. But if the person doesn’t understand horsemanship or how to do it, it will just confuse the horse and make them unresponsive.

5. What type of horse do you think would be best for all-around riding?

I think it could definitely depend on the temperament of the person choosing the horse. I would say either a warm-blooded, which would probably be best, but some people prefer Arabs as an all around type horse because they like their more energetic disposition and their keenness. For most people, though, they are just too much of a handful and too exuberant. The same with any other hot-blooded horse, but for some people those can be really fun, but then for other people they’re too much horse and it would be better to go with a more laid back breed of horse.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As part of our 2010 Summer of Horse Dreams, GHCers were presented with a series of challenges designed to expand their knowledge of the real horse world and take steps to realize their horse dreams. Challege Two: Be the Journalist, invited GHCers to interview someone with knowledge of the horse world while remaining objective, like a journalist, even if they didn’t agree with the opinions expressed by the interviewee. Congrats to all who stepped up to take on the challenge!

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  1. good job martha lee halstead i like your interview.

  2. Thanks! I like yours too catscowgirl!

  3. It’s great that you had the courage to present another opinion on how to manage the mustang population, whether or not you agree — that’s what journalism is all about. Nice work Martha Lee!

  4. Good blog. Your Olana sounds like a down to earth, respectable person! It is awesome that she is trying to bring back a breed. =D

    It would be hard for me to talk to someone who is for the slaughter of a national symbol. I admire you for being able to include all opinions Martha!


  5. Thanks everyone! I didn’t actually know that she was against it until I interviewed her, and I felt a little sick because of the March for Mustangs. I would have thought that she would have wanted to save them, especially since her family is trying to re-create the Spanish Iberian Barb. I personally don’t agree, I’d like to save them, but we all have our own point of view!

  6. hi martha lee halstead
    i did like the mustang queshten i don’t agree with it but i still liked it, it gave a nifrent view and to tell the turth it surprised me i figgerd it wode be the normel anser that we shod save the mustangs you did a good job ses you did not agree with it.

  7. I really like to hear about other people’s views on things, it’s “refreshing” in a way. Sure, we all don’t agree on everything people say, but it’s nice to keep an open mind to people and their stands on things. Great job, Martha, fantastic job (:

  8. I disagree on the mustang thing but she’s right about hot-blooded horse. I just love riding my horse whose a Quarter Horse/Paint Cross but has Man o’ War on his dam’s side. He’s very hot and I have to always stay calm. To ride him running at full speed doesn’t scare me and I’ve taken plenty of falls. However it would terrify my mom and sisters so she’s right. He’s a great teacher though and can straiten himself underneath me at a bareback trot. NICE INTERVEIW! Especially since you published a differing opinion, Martha!

  9. Thanks everyone!


  10. Fabulous interview!! I really like hearing other people’s opinions on the Mustang population. Though I disagree, it’s good to hear different sides of issues.