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What Happens to Childhood Dreams?

Published by • Feb 23rd, 2009 • Category: Horse Dreams

by Violet Inkpen, age 12

I am sure there is only a handful of girls out there that HAVEN’T dreamed of horses! Maybe there aren’t any. I was shocked when MY mom said she used to like horses the way I do. I find that hard to believe because she has developed a ‘fear’ of them. She even used to ride on a trail with girl scouts, and yet she is afraid of horses.

She thinks I am silly to want a horse. I use to think that anything was possible, but she makes it feel like having a horse is like asking for wings. But it is! Not in the way that it is impossible; in the way that having a horse IS having wings! But what happened to my mom? She used to dream of flying mane, pounding hooves, gentle eyes, wild spirits. Did she love them as COMPLETLY AND ADORINGLY as I do, or did she just think they were ‘cool’? Did she ever love them or did she just admire them?

There is no way of knowing, but what I do know is almost every girl dreams of horses and if they don’t then they are crazy. But about 1 in 100 have horses, if not less. What happens to the passion, to the love and dreams children have of horses? Why do adults forget about these amazing animals?

Do your parents ever tell you to ‘grow up’ to ‘stop dreaming’? They tell you having a horse is impossible, but is it? Dreams DO come true! It takes hard work and believing in yourself but it is possible to own a horse. Thousands of people do!

Is it really reaching for the stars to ask for a special friend called a horse, or is it a dream that really can and will come true?

It CAN come true if you make it! It’s up to you to find that special horse, and it’s up to you to be his or her friend too. Childhood fantasies aren’t silly, they arent’ stupid — they are dreams about what you want and love, and I LOVE HORSES!

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  1. I’m lucky enough to own no less then 9 horses! :D

  2. Great blog, and this is true. Sometimes my mum says, “Maybe later..” or “Where will you keep it?” Some excuse like that. I mean, c’mon! She grew up in the south, and that’s like western and horses are popular there.


    LOVED your blog!!

  3. Thanks mustangmane! I LOVE YOUR blog! I viset it every chance I get and I think it is really great! And Salina, horses are like cookies or potato chips, you CAN’T just have ONE! Course I’d be happy with at leaast one! My mom said she’d get me a minature horse! A dog sized one! I told her sure but she was joking anyway….*sighs*

  4. Yeah, I can’t have a horse either Violet Inkpen! But I’m still dreaming!

  5. KEEP dreaming Allison! I know it’s a big expense and once you buy a horse and a saddle and bridle and food and vet care and everything it can be a couple thousand dollars (depending on the price of ht ehorse and tack) but I believe in hard work and I believe in HORSES!

  6. I dreamed for a horse and I got one. I wanted a horse since I was three!

  7. I know how you feel Violet Inkpen. My parents couldn’t stand that I liked horses so much because they were afraid from me. You see, they watched Gone with the Wind (A movie where people constantly seem to be falling off of horses and dying) and they didn’t want me to suffer the same fate. But you can’t give up. I only rode horses every few years at first. But I kept striving and when my parents saw how dedicated I was they began to let me ride and even to look at horses for me. They looked for the most broken down old geldings they could find! I rode one gelding who ran away with me but guess what? That was the one I brought home! And he turned out to be a wonderful horse. My parents were even heartbroken when he died.

    You just can’t let go of your dreams! I’m not going to, even though it was awful when Lightning died.

  8. We all must share dreams with horses! Just yesaterday I was daydreaming of a white mare who I was stroking. Like one of Terri Farley’s books she was a mustang and I was earning her trust.

    We all have a passion for horses and it is important to keep that passion going.

  9. Just like all of you horseloving and wanting girls I feel the same way! ever since i could remember ive wanted a horse soo badly id ask my mom for one but like always ‘no’and thats why my grandma would say im obsessed with owning one and i also get jealous of girls who have there very one *oh no im doing it again* X-D,by the way how do you get an account on here it seems difficult and hard by the way i got my horseloving ness from some of my grandparents who were a long time ago who were cowboys and cowgirls!

  10. Me again!hi hay get it hay!anyways Violet Inkpen i usually im like you because i sometimes think of myself as a warriorgirl riding a black stallion in a HUGE pasture!YAY!

  11. Jade, I am glad. Sometimes I pretend I am some kind of F.B.I who rides a ink-black horse around and chased down crooks. Of course there’s alot of spin kicks and the look of disgust on their faces being beaten by a girl. Also, I have fantisies where I am running away into a dangerous forest on a golden colored horse, running from my Kingdom because they wouldn’t let me ride the horse I loved and were trying to slaughter her. I have all kinds of fantisies…

  12. Violet Inkpen man you are such a special rare unique girl also i imagine im riding an ice dragon in gold or silver colored armer and defeating and destroying an army of darkness with a sword and a lion and wolf with mom said that she found out that when i was born i had 7 senses,also that im in an army of animal warriors, any who my very rare sense is that it is an animal sense (which only animals can have)never humans i can sense what person you are and that im almost a proffesional artist and im an animal lover because ive saved 32 or more of all kinds throughout my life ,by the way im even warrior hearted and multi talented also im physic also im full of fantasy and im very creative in fact im the most creative girl in my class and last year i was chosen to be the top runners of the year. well seeyah and if on the 11 of march if you can show me how to get an account on here thank you!:-)

  13. Hey peanut did you get a horse and lived in the city and move to the country,or just live in the country if you do either way especially the city way PLEASE TELL ME BECAUSE IM SUPER DESPRATE TO HAVE A HORSE BUT LIVE IN THE CITY PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO CONVINCE MY PARENTS FOR ONE!

  14. visit bella sara because im positive you cowgirls would love i have an account on there!

  15. Jade: The only way to persuade your parents to get you a horse is show them you are responsible enough to take care of it.
    Also go over wether or not you are ready for one yourself, your immediate answer will probably be an indignant “Yes!” but really think about it. I’ve known plenty of girls in the country and in town that finally get their dream and a week later its just another “thing” they have.
    Please don’t take this as if I don’t think your “worthy” to get a horse. It’s just the basics everyone new to buying needs to go over.

    Also the chances of your parents moving just so you can have a horse are fairly slim. You might try looking into riding barns where you can use their horses instead of buying your own.
    Good luck! And I hope I’ve helped in some way! :)

  16. Thanks for the advice i just told my dad on march13 yesterday if i can have one and he usually says sure because hes like a rich person or something but i have to figure out where to keep him,great blog