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What Others Don’t Understand

Published by • Feb 6th, 2009 • Category: by Madelaina, Horse Girls

by Madelaina, age 13

At 40 degrees Celsius, most girls would be lazing by a pool or delving into a chilly tub of ice cream whilst lounging under an air conditioner. The very last thought on their minds would be willingly mounting a horse and condemning themselves to some 45 minutes of literally baking in the sun, just to feel that strangely addictive sensation called flying. Well, newsflash — that was my first thought.

As long as a chance to spend time with horses is provided, horse girls will face the blazing heat or nippy cold, striving to enjoy what they’re doing to the fullest regardless of temperature.

But as wonderful as horses and riding are, there always seems to be this one dark cloud overhead. This is what becomes of the mean remarks and mocks of those unable to understand our strange desire to climb onto the back on an unpredictable spirit and become one with it. And this is one of the common things that can happen to almost any horse girl.

They Don't UnderstandWe really cannot blame them for not understanding, unfortunately not even when they’re annoyingly impractical about how horses are ‘just a craze’ and riding is ‘just a sport’. It is hard for us who do appreciate horses to observe the disapproving actions of others, and it is even more difficult to contain our irritation inside. However, sooner or later, all these comments will only become no more than opinions. Even we who often chat excitedly about the wonders of a horse are only voicing our opinions (and I believe good opinions at that). But think or it this way: If we are allowed this type of free speech, it is only fair that others who do not love horses as we do can speak their minds, no matter how disinclined we are to admit it. The best solution to this problem is to correct any negative comments and misunderstandings with your own personal view. Who knows? Perhaps they misjudged this amazing creature all along.

So when people listen and laugh at your method of spending a boiling summer day, it is not a time to question whether you have a mental illness or not, or to declare war at their teasing, but a time to laugh along with them (and smugly at that). Thinking about the thrill of feeling the cool wind against your face when the temperature is unbearably high, and the pure joy that only accompanies this passion, non-horse-lovers with their air conditioners have no idea what they’re missing out on. What really matters in the end is what we can gain from horses, regardless of opinions.

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  1. Yeah. Luckily, I have an equally horse crazy friend, and my friends don’t encourage or discourage me. I have no trouble with my friends, just with my not-friends and enemies. This reminds of that poem by SB, “My Boy”. I LUV that poem. Unfortunately, the Loft is incapacitated, so you can’t read it. But they don’t understand. If they rode, maybe then they would. lol!

  2. This is very encouraging for me!
    Though my friends don’t look down on riding and horses,indeed some of them want to ‘be one ‘ with them like me. But when ever I start to talk about it they’ll nod their heads them change the subject. This sometimes is very hard for me because every so often I would like to talk about them,share information,ect. with someone who understands!!
    Lets face it every hose girl needs another horse girl to confide in.
    Thats why I was so happy to find this Site. Thank you LeadMare! You opened a new door for me!:)

  3. Great blog. I’m often teased that I like horses too much. Your blog really reassured me.

  4. Great blog! You’re so right, all my friends just say ‘Ugh, you’re riding today too? How much fun is it really? They’re just horses!’ They just don’t understand. :)

  5. Although all my non-horse friends don’t look down on horses and riding, I loved this blog, writing was great!

  6. You are so right! And I know what you mean Ginger. People think it’s ‘just a phase’ and there was a time when my parents couldn’t stand my obsession. But I never outgrew it and I never will. And because I kept pursuing my dream, and my parents saw how dedicated I was, I finally got a horse of my own!

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone! You guys made my day.

    mustang23: I read that poem before, but I think I would need to read it again because of my horrible memory. I do remember it’s a really good poem though.

    Rachel Danielle: Wow, from when your parents couldn’t stand your obsession, to a when they got you a horse! That’s an amazing achievement, and I’m glad everything has worked out.

    Once again, thanks very much. It’s great to hear that everyone can relate to my blog.

  8. my cuzin at my old school and kain would say horses suk,or i hate horses,why dont u?
    im tired of people saying that to me!

  9. hey, im new here. i love horses has much as you guys do. i know all about horses, so ask me up.
    i have a friend that dos not like horses. but i try to let her like a little about horses, but she dont like them cause, one bucked her off. i need help. can you guys give me some advise please. you can ask me qustions too. like what happend to her.

  10. SONDRA, we have a feature Ask Girls Horse Club where readers can submit questions and anyone can step up to help. To submit your question, please use the submission form.

    Welcome to GHC!

  11. I know what your talking about. When I was younger, I was (even I, a horse girl, admit it) OVERLY obsessed with horses. I often was put down by this, and I never cared. Now, as I’m older, I realize that you need to draw the line when your with non horsey people. By this, I mean you need to think about how they feel as well. It might be irratating to the person if all you want to talk about is horses, something they really aren’t interested in. Think about it; Say you hated shopping. How irritating would it be if someone you knew would only talk about their love for shopping? Well, the same thing applies for some non-horsey people, so be careful.

    This summer, on a hot day I will probably be breaking in horses and working with foals. Now that is MY dream vacation.

    This was an amazing blog, Madelaina. I hope to hear more from you soon.

  12. thanks madelaina im going to break my horse in the summer. so i love talking horse stuff with you guys

    xoxo, Horselover