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When Horses First Found A Place In My Heart

Published by • Nov 15th, 2009 • Category: Horse Girls

by Violet Inkpen, age 13

Horse GirlEver wonder when your love for horses started? I am trying to recall my first memory of loving horses but frankly, I hit a dark wall. I can’t remember ever NOT loving them! Maybe I was born loving them? My mom, as I have mentioned in past blogs, use to love them but is afraid of them now. She never encouraged or pushed the love of horses on me. She doesn’t mind that I love them, but she didn’t in any way say to me when I was little, “This is a horse. You should love them.”

I remember a lot of my childhood. I remember when I was three years old and climbing the tree in the middle of the neighborhood; I remember different children there and the time they stole the big rock off of our porch or scattered our yard toys everywhere when we were out shopping. I remember so much of my childhood when I was 2 and 3 and so on, but I can’t ever remember NOT loving horses. When was the first time I saw a horse? Hard to say. The first time I ever rode a horse? I am pretty sure it was at my Grandma’s friend’s barn. The barn cat was bringing a dead mouse to the pasture I was riding in. Of course, being about 5, I was not actually doing anything besides sitting on the horse, but it was a thriller!

My point is I feel as if horses are in my blood. I can’t remember the first time I knew I loved them. In fact, all animals are in my heart. Some people were born loving horses, others developed a love later on in life. What about YOU? What are YOUR first horsey-memories? I’d love to know! I always enjoy hearing about people’s horse experiences.


May the horses be with you,

Violet Inkpen

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  1. Well the first time i ever saw a horse was when my mum took me to a racing horse barn for the first time. I actualy just submitted a poem about look for it soon on the calender. ;0) Champion blog Vi

  2. That was such a nice blog. Thats really cool. My first horse memory. Honestly it was my horse obsessed sister. :-D I always thought she was weird for liking horses so much. But whos the one writing horse stories and on GHC all the time? Me! :-D I don’t remember the first time I saw a real horse. But I definitely remember my first ride. Super fun and amazing. Even though I was going in circles. I haven’t ridden much since then. But I am around horses a lot. My babysitting clients own two horses. And my friend has some horses and boards them.
    But when I first started loving horses would have to be about a year ago. Yes I know, kinda late. But, hey, I love them now!!! :-D

  3. Hi! I’m new to this GHC thing but heard of it from a friend, her username on here is Wild’n’Free? Anyways….My first horsie memory: I joined a horse riding club at a barn only 15 minutes away from my house when I was 5 yrs old. I remember learning how to groom, ride, and take care of horses. The horse that I learned to ride on (we’ll just call her Sassy here) later became the horse that I trained on and went to my first shows on.

    Now Sassy has fallin ill, but things are looking up already. It’s just a minor resperatory illness…she’ll be fine after a few weeks of special powder on her grain. :D Anyways….that’s my first horsie memory. Yep, grooming Sassy with the hardbrush is my first memory — the feel of her soft coat I remember so well, since that was in the winter and she was extra fluffy. :D Ride on!

  4. i was like 2 when i rode my first horse. i was being led around in a big pasture with my cosin mom and aunt i think. Ive played with breyers forever and got my poney at age 6. we got another paint gelding QH soon after. then Kool Star then Libby we lost the pinto to colic and soon after sold the poney. later we moved. Got our free-bee Doc. we bought Pal sold Kool (he bucked my mom off) bought Dutchess, rescued a mini mare and foal bought a mini stud. sold the foal. bought another mare and foal then got a mini colt and another mini mare (mini OVERLOAD) then we got roxy!

  5. Thats a lot of horses, Pal’s Pal!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Violet Inkpen,

    I just returned from the ranch and re-read your blog. It was really good. Very snappy and to-the-point. I really liked it.
    I have loved horses forever, but just started doing something about it last April. Now I love them even more, if that’s possible.
    Today I received a shock- Mickey might be sold. I wasn’t expecting this and was really surprised. I always intended to buy him for myself someday. I hope that the person finds another horse, but I don’t think that it’s likely.

    Once again, awesome blog!


  7. The first time I started loving horses was, Believe it or not, when I watched Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron! When I saw and rode real horses is when I started getting crazy about them! My first real horse in my life was Spud, a sweet Qhorse. I still love him, and I believe he remembers me- though everyone thinks he doesn’t.

  8. Thanks everyone for sharing your memories with me! I treasure them all!

  9. I don’t remember when I started loving them, but I do now, and have for years! I know I used to love birds, and that was before horses. My first horsey memory was from when I was in Grade 3, and my parents for Christmas took me to a one-day day camp the day after boxing day. I rode a horse named Elvis, and I learned how to tack him up and brush him and stuff like that, and then we rode, but that was just like being led in a circle. If my parents weren`t intending to start get me in riding lessons, then they made a mistake! Now this is the beginning of my 5 year of once a week lessons, and I`m a full on horse obsessed person! Everyone who knows me knows it, too!

    Great blog, Violet!!

  10. Pal`s Pal, how many horses do you have nowÉ

    I read it again and I liked it even more, VI!

  11. By the way, is that photo at the top of the page you?


  12. That was a great blog. You really made me think when I started liking horses, and I came to the same conclution that you did. I can’t remember when I ever didn’t like horses. When you decribed the first time you rode a horse, I laugh as I remember being ponyed around and my uncles house.

  13. Well I started lking horses around 6 I just decided that horses were cool and went from there. However I have never not liked horses.

  14. Great blog Violet! I love recalling my early memories of horses, it just reminds you how special they are. I remember that time when I was very young, I went to a petting zoo and was sitting on a beautiful, grey pony, getting my picture taken. At the time I was scared about the snowy giant underneath me, but that fear soon developed into a love for horses and an addiction to the thrills of horse riding.

  15. Raven, no that is all Lead Mare’s doing!

  16. Violet I know your problem.My Mom is terriffed by horses because one horse kicked her and other horse took off with her when riding when she was young.My Dad rode horses,but didn’t love them the way I do.But either way horses are very,very,very,close to my heart~LD

  17. the first time i saw a horse was when i was 1 or so, my naugbor had one. But my mom said, my first word was nay. my dad says im born to be a horse champion, but i dont think so, im bad at it. but lets get back to the story, my mom said to me, that when i was a baby, i would always cry if i didn’t see my naugbors horse. and i will always love horses!!!!!!

  18. I was four. My mom said that even when I was younger than that, and all the other girls wanted princesses, I wanted horses. When I was younger than three my sister got me a pink Cinderella doll… My other sister got me a toy horse. I wanted nothing to do with Cinderella… But I wanted that horse!! But when I was four… Wow. We went to my teacher’s place, and she had over a dozen horses. I remember pulling up to that big pasture, that big stable. I remember when my dad held me up to the fence because a big chestnut was wanting some love, and how my mom freaked out because she’s afraid of horses, and was sure I’d get bitten. But my dad said it was fine and I touched that big horse… to me it was a giant!!! But I wasn’t afraid. The moment I laid hands on that chestnut, something happened. I don’t know what, but I know it happened. Ever since then, every time I hear anything like, “Look, a pony.” I jump up and scream, “WHERE?!?!”

    Please look out for my blog, “You Need Them”, which I will be submitting as soon as the submission form is open. (Is it just me or does it seem like it’s never open?!)

  19. memories…. a go! =),i started at 4-5 yrs old!

  20. For me, before horses it was dogs :) I don’t know the when horses all of a sudden just popped out to me, but I know that when they did I couldn’t get enough of them…and I still can’t! I know if you are an impatient person they teach you to have patience, Fancy likes to test that sometimes :)

  21. Cats have always been one of my favorite animals because I have always had several my whole life, they’re aren’t really even like just pets or animals to me anymore, their more like family :) It’s hard to explain, but I love all animals equally, but in different ways. So I can’t love one more than the other. I mean, I love ferrets (Don’t ask why I picked them for an example), and of course, I love horses. If I got a choice to see a horse, or a ferret I would choose the horse. But that’s doesn’t mean I love the ferret any less. I hope y’all can understand that :)