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When I Say Forever I Mean Eternity

Published by • Sep 12th, 2009 • Category: 2009 Fiction Competition Winners

3RD PLACE, 12 and Younger Age Groupby Michelle, age 12

July 3rd

“No?” I repeated, astonished. Mandy wouldn’t look at me directly. My eyes searched her face and found nothing. Mandy had been my friend since we were two, and horse crazy for even longer. For ten years I had put up with her nearly intolerable obsession for equines.

Only recently has I begun to share her love for horses, and now what? A couple of months back she had convinced me to take a riding lesson with her, and promised me peaceful trail rides and hacks, as well as the highlight of any rider’s career: horse shows.

Now, after a lot of hard work on my part, I was good enough to go through the fields and woods without my riding instructor worrying about me killing myself, which is always an improvement.

When I ask her to go for a ride with me, she says no.

“Miranda,” she had said, “You should consider getting a new hobby. Horseback riding is so… old”.

I sniffed. Either Mandy was kidding, or she was one serious hypocrite. I vouched for the kidding.

July 4th

Happy fourth of July. I used to love this holiday when I was young, but for the past couple of years my parents have been away at work, too busy to celebrate with me. I always spent the holidays with Mandy and her mom.

I loved Mandy’s family, I honestly did, but for once in my life I wanted to spend some quality time with my own relatives. I knew that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, so I never complained.

This year I did not mind it that much. Usually the Greenes went to the stable in order for Taxi, the family horse, would not feel left out. Previously, that annoyed me. Now, I was more than happy to go.

I glanced up at the clock. It was a little past noon. I’ll write again later.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Remember what I had said earlier? About how either Mandy was kidding or she was a hypocrite? I take that back. There’s no more doubt: she’s a definite hypocrite. This time, out of the blue, she had denied the tradition and stayed home instead, having the family’s annual barbecue and in replacement with the stables she would go to the park to watch some fireworks. Let’s see. Fireworks vs. horses. The obvious answer? I don’t even know anymore. But one things certain- Taxi will be lonely this fourth of July.

July 5th

Hanging out with Kirsten today. She was the finishing member of our trio. She wasn’t an equestrian, but very athletic. She probably played a dozen sports.

Kirsten noticed the change as well, but she didn’t have any real comments.

“Wonder what’s up with her,” was all that she said, and that was the end of our conversation.

July 6th

Mandy never ceases to amaze. Today she rambled on for nearly an hour about how much she hated Taxi, and how disobedient and imperfect the mare was. Really? Because I’m pretty sure that maybe a month ago she was for the same period of time talking about how pretty and fun the horse was, as well as how great of a team they made.

Personally, I loved Taxi. The big bay mare was gentle and sweet, in addition to being easy to work with. Mandy was always protective of her horse, and had never let me ride her. That didn’t stop me from dreaming.

July 7th

Looks like all my dreams just came true.

“Only a few times a week,” she had pleaded after I nearly started hyperventilating.

She wanted me to exercise Taxi every other day. It wasn’t even as if she had something to do. Mandy hated camp.

Grudgingly, I accepted, wary of what was to come.

July 8th

Hanging out with Kirsten again.

And yet again I consulted to her about Mandy. This time, she was exasperated.

“I don’t know, Miranda!”, she had snapped, “Maybe Mandy’s just growing up. Kind of like you should. I don’t see what you like about horses! They’re so….”

That was a slap to the face. Without letting her finish her sentence, I left her house without saying good bye.

Today was also the first day I exercised Taxi. The mare was happy for my company, but also confused. What was wrong with her owner? Now that was a question I would like answered.

July 20th

A week passed since my last entry, and I have been exercising Taxi for a while now. The arrangement had worked out for everyone but the horse. I had gotten more riding time, Mandy more free time. But poor Taxi was clearly depressed.

Her walk wasn’t forward, her trot not floaty. She barely cantered, and refused all jumps. It wasn’t right. So it was time to confront Mandy. I invited her to meet me at the stable tomorrow.

Something tells me this won’t end well.

July 21st

As I was putting Taxi’s tack away, Mandy came as promised.

“It’s about Taxi,” I began, before she interrupted.

“Yeah, it is about Taxi. I can’t keep her anymore. So she’s yours.”

All I could think of: what?

I nodded in awe. She walked back out of the barn towards her mom’s waiting car, her new kitten heels punctuating each foot fall. I would reason with her in a few days, but for now it was just me and my new horse. Mandy may have let riding go, but I wouldn’t.

And that’s the way it will always be.


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  1. Yay! :D Thank you leadmare and all the judges!

  2. That was a neat set up for your story.. sort of a journel… good job

  3. Hey, good job! I liked this one a LOT! I used to write some stories like this, and they were not so good, let’s say. But you did this perfectly. Congrats!

  4. OH, I like this…good job Michelle.

  5. thats was really good…would you ever continue it??? i think that would be cool if u did

  6. Good idea! I could make a few more like chapters! Thanks for the idea, howrse, when the general submissions open I’ll be sure to. And thanks everyone I appreciate it :)

  7. It’s nice how every sentence is so meaningful and fits so well as a journal, which is interesting and a change from the normal fiction formats. I feel so sorry for Taxi, it must be horrible not knowing what’s going on. Brilliant writing, Michelle, and congratulations!

  8. so touching…i know a gal like that…its just sad

  9. I loved it! You deserved a spot with the winners! It was amazing! Poor Taxie…I love that name!

  10. Thanks :) when I get my first horse I’m going to give it the show name Catch A Cab and call her Taxi

  11. it was really good but it would have been good if you put what happened to mandy and why she was acting that way. you sort of left us hanging.

  12. I liked this. It kept us hanging, but you really made up for it by ending it with “And that’s the way it will always be.”

  13. Michelle-Catch A Cab is a really cool name.

    I am ALWAYS making up Horse names. Their not short names like Ace either (Although I really do like the name Ace *Phantom Stallion*). They are names that you would register your horse with, and you know, shorten them up. :) I write them on paper, then I create an imaginary horse to go with it. I make up the horses personality, and their coat color. It’s one of my favorite things to do lol I have about 14 names and horses to go with them right now.

  14. I think this story and Twister should have one first place :)

  15. O.O wow, thanks Nevada Sunshine. Honestly, I didn’t think my story was that great. And for those who commented I left you hanging, I am now officially planning on making a second part. :) When general submissions open I’ll submit it, and hopefully it’ll get published.

  16. O. M. G. that’s really all i can say. such a great story. looking for more in the future. look for stories submitted under my name or the name ‘Moonlit Ace* (hope u like that name. i LOVE it. lol)