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Where is the Good in Goodbye?

Published by • Jun 15th, 2015 • Category: Non-Fiction, Tributes


by Hannah, age 15

Recently, my gorgeous pony Toby, who I have had for almost four years, has found a new home, and I am extremely heartbroken. Although he has gone to a lovely home, it just isn’t the same anymore, and it feels like a piece of me is missing. So, I have decided to write this for anyone who no longer has their special horse or pony, whether they have found a new home or passed away, this is for you.

What me and Toby had is hard for anyone to understand. I have never had a connection with a horse like this before. I have had a few ponies before, my first pony I had for five years, and although I loved them so much and bonded with them all so well, parting with them felt nothing like it did with Toby.

Toby was the kindest, most giving and special pony I have ever met, and I know I will never find another horse or pony like him. He was my best friend. So honest and gentle, but also so quick and speedy when we jumped. We won so much together, we were a team. We always worked with each other, not against each other. He meant so much to me, I can barely put it into words. But this message isn’t meant to say how much I miss him, it is to reassure other riders who have gone through the same thing as me.

Saying goodbye is by far the hardest part about having horses, and as upsetting as it may be, sometimes you just have to let them go. I know exactly how you feel if you have had to say goodbye, but hiding your feelings just makes it worse. If you know someone you can feel you can talk to, it may help you. If anyone needs a friend you can always comment below.

I have been offered a job for the summer where Toby has gone, so I will get to see his cute little face everyday!

So, maybe sometimes there is good in goodbye…

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  1. Oh that is sad! I feel bad for you! I haven’t lost a horse friend (yet) but I have lost a dog friend. The first dog my family and I ever had. He was awesome. I don’t know if I could ever talk to anyone when I’m sad. I’d already would be too caught up in sadness to do anything! But this is slightly reasurring (can’t spell it) to me so that if anything happens to my best friend, I can be released from a bit of my emptiness. This is beautiful!

  2. I’ve lost 2 of my ponies:( my first pony died because she had cushions disease (and she was old), and my second pony we had to give back to his owner (we were leasing him). I miss them both very much and I shall always remember them. Now I have a horse who is my best friend and if I lost her I would be sooooo sad, she loves to jump and do speed:) both of the things that I like doing:) I posted a picture of her one GHC, the title is “Brrr” (at least I think it is). Her name is Lady Hawk and she is a quarter horse Morgan mix. She is so cute:)

  3. You are a great writer, Hannah!!!! Great job. And keep writing:)

  4. Is that picture you and Toby?

  5. So sad! I had a (+25 years oldl) Shetland pony named Sugar for two years, but she was suffering from lots of bad things, like arthritis. And she had bowed hocks, if that’s what they call it (when the hind legs is curved in) And she died on Easter sunday, two months ago. It was a terrible surprise, passing by her box and finding her all cold and gone. She taught me alot of things, like being gentler to the animals, (because back then I didn”t know how sensitive animals could be…) She was a great ‘teacher’ for me. I loved her so much.

  6. That is so sad @SugarPony!!! I am sooo sorry:( and you to @Hannah it was really hard when my pony had to go (like I said in my other comment).

  7. Beautiful writing!

  8. Thankyou so much everyone! I totally didn’t expect this to be published, and I haven’t been on this since I submitted it! That is so sad @Catherine and @SugarPony :( thankfully, none of my horses have ever passed away, but i can’t imagine what it was like! It’s bad enough with Toby finding a new home, let alone losing him! My first dog also passed away @WhinnyLove so i know exactly how you feel! The picture is not of me and toby, GHC must have posted it because I didn’t, lovely photo though, I will submit photo of me and Toby soon.
    Thank you everyone for the comments, it means a lot! @Rey

  9. it’s hannah.. I’ll be posting as CheekyCharlie from now on (thats my pony’s name and he is very cheeky!) as I prefer it much more to Hannah!

  10. awe, I don’t have horses, but I have lost animals before. im sorry though.

  11. ah i don’t have a horses but have 3 dogs and have lost and given away them and it was always tough.

  12. I am so sorry hannah . I used to know two horses that moved into the field behind our garden . Every day before and after school I went to see them and gave them an occasional apple or carrot . A few months ago they moved out and were replaced with cows and I am still really sad