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Why Do We Love Horses?

Published by • Mar 16th, 2009 • Category: Guest Bloggers, Riding Advice

by Void, age 15

For starters, horses are graceful, beautiful, and powerful. That’s not all, for there is more to it than that.

Riding a horse is power and freedom. Some might say it’s like driving a car, or a big truck. I say no way. When you drive a car/truck, you have absolute control. When you ride a horse, the horse has the power to obey, or disobey. It’s far more complicated then driving a car.

Despite what you may have heard, this is a sport of skill. You can be any size, shape, gender, color, or have any kind of muscle power and still be able to ride horses. This is because there are a wide variety of horses to choose from. Maybe you like riding your older, quiet Quarter Horse while others want to ride their younger, speed-driven hot-bloods.

I, for one, enjoy riding all sorts of horses. Being raised here in the good ol’ south, I was going to ride western. But then nature took its course. I started to ride English, and fell in love with it from the start. Then I went to my neighbor’s house, who rides their horses Western. I asked her if she could give me a few lessons, and she said she’d be honored.

Riding western is way different then English, I’ll just say that right here and now. So many new things to learn! I had to learn new commands, tactics, and skills.
Anyways, getting a bit off topic. Don’t be afraid if your friends say “Oh lord, riding horses is so… babyish!” Trust me, if I let that get in the way when I was younger, I wouldn’t be here, 12 years later, riding and teaching lessons. So just hop on your horse,

And ride like the wind.

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  1. Champion post void! You teach? What syle? I don’t know how anyone could consider riding babyish.. it is indeed a risky and dangerous sport. Good job

  2. Anyone who doesn’t think that riding is an intense sport has clearly never ridden before! Good job! I’m glad you get the chance to share your knowledge with others wether it’s on this site or in the real world!

  3. Riding is not babyish! Riding is a way to bond better with your horse. I love horses for their beauty, their trust, just for being God’s most beautiful creatures.

  4. I know just what you are saying. I still can’t convince my mom that riding a horse takes skill and is not just sitting!

  5. I know, I can’t stand it when people say horses are like cars, or even worse, TREAT them like cars! There is so much more to horses. They aren’t a piece of machinery! You can’t love machinery with your whole heart and soul

  6. By the way, great blog!

  7. Wonderful job! Riding isn’t baby-ish, just like mustang23 said. Everyone works hard to ride, and those who work hard for something deserve it…

    Anyways, great job! I can’t wait to read another blog of yours.

  8. My friends aren’t so supportive of my riding… that’s why I love the GHC so much!

  9. I teach hunter/jumper and showjumpers. -nods- :]

    Doodes. You guys are too sweet. 8D

  10. I don’t ride very often..*sniff* I wish I could but when I do….well let’s say I once road an X racing thoroughbred ,who spooks at cars, in a pasture by a rode……………yeah….it isn’t babyish at all.

  11. Thank you. cool blog!but what if you dont own a horse*sigh*i love horses,but problem is i dont go to places like riding lessons because it’s like my mom always says”Sorry honey but it’s to much money,it’s like $50 a week or something,I’d love to take you,but I can’t. tell your Dad maybe…still when I do I it does’nt come out as planned. :-(