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Wild Horses: Fate on the Line

Published by • Nov 16th, 2008 • Category: Current Events & News

Wild Horses: Fate on the Line

On Monday November 17th the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board will meet to discuss the fate of more then 30,000 wild horses and burros currently being held in government herd management areas. That’s more than are in the wild according to Deanne Stillman, author of Mustang: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West.

As many of you know, a battle has been waging between the BLM and wild horse and burro advocates. The BLM is considering “cost-effective alternatives to the process of caring for wild horses removed from the range.” This includes euthanizing the animals and/or selling them for slaughter.

If you’d like to see how this important meeting unfolds, you don’t have to travel to Nevada — you can watch it online at The streaming video will begin at 8:00a PST. The meeting lasts all day and includes a time for public comment at 3:00pm. Terri Farley (working with Deanne Stillman) and others will be there to advocate for the wild animals. Then at 4:00pm the board will make their recommendations. Below are links to more information and the live video.

BLM Public Meeting Agenda

Live video streaming of BLM meeting beginning at 8:00a PST Nov 17

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  1. HI!
    Just thought you might like a mini-update from yesterday’s wild horse advisory board meeting in Reno.
    It appears that slaughter is “on hold” until January, but the horses are by no means safe.
    The horses have many friends and they were there to stand up for what they believe the board we all spoke to was one made up of a panel of people with interest in the horses, coming from different directions.
    For example, cattlemen, hunter, vet, humane advocate, etc.After listening to all of the public comments and reports from the Federal government, they will make a recommendation to the BLM.
    Here are a few highlights:

    >Mrs. T. Boone Pickens wants to open a huge wild horse sanctuary
    >The Director of the BLM, Henri Bisson said he didn’t want his legacy (he’s retiring soon) to be acting too quickly to do something he’d regret. He said that a decision wouldn’t be made today, or next week.

    > Many people are in favor of the contraception program, which would reduce the herd more slowly than killing the horses, but obviously more humanely.

    >Many horse advocates want the horses to “get back” the herd management areas which have been zeroed out (all the horses have been removed)

    The very best testimony of the day, in my opinion, was given by Cindy MacDonald of American Herds. She’s promised to let me reprint it! As for my presentation, you know what happened…I had lots more to say that would fit in three minutes.

    more later,

  2. I watched a whole 2 hours of the meeting. It was interesting, at least to me, to hear all the alternatives being considered.

  3. Rats! I can’t believe I missed it! When and where was it?

  4. I swear if this thing gets even close to being pasted, I am going to do something drastic! Can’t bare to lose a single wild to *them*.

  5. No joke, Anna! I have the same mind.

  6. Why couldn’t the government set up reserves for horses? Wild ones I mean. Wouldn’t that keep them a lot safer?

  7. I believe the best solution is to have a vast area of the wild horses’ natural habitat fenced off to create a santuary or reserve as previously mentioned so they can be more easily monitored in a humane and harmless way far better than confinement in corrals or stalls. The wild horses are what gives the land one of its most important features, and although they cause some damage, they might even contribute a little to the land’s eco-system, having lived there for so long. Without these horses, maybe everything will go out of whack. Our thoughts about the wild horses shouldn’t include giving them pain or harm.

  8. Cassie: I have your same view! But, sadly, not many people have the time or money. The latter being the bigger problem.

  9. I’ll Find a way. I’ll stop this…. * starts gearing up*

  10. Right beside you, sister!!

  11. Hey update!
    I just read an artical about this and she won!!!! Whoop-whoop! The’re saved!:D
    I can’t stop going on about it!! Hurrah!!

  12. YES! This calls for a party! Oh, and look, I am even have on my “Save The Wild Horses” shirt. It seem that Firestorm’s luck just maxed out. BLM is safe from my debate skills, for now…