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Wild Horses in Winds of Change

Published by • Mar 21st, 2010 • Category: Horse Videos


This is one of many clips from a documentary series, Wild Horses in Winds of Change, that explores the silver linings for today’s wild horses and burros, even as thousands are rounded up and held in long-term corrals.

“During a time when the situation for the wild horses seems dire, many beautiful and gifted voices are rising like sisters stars amidst the storm. Although their bodies may currently be captive, their spirits have traveled through the winds to find those, who can hear the wisdom they still whisper through all the madness. I feel greatly honored to be among so many wonderful souls called to help them.” ~Mara LeGrand, Skydancer Productions, Wild Horses In Winds of Change.

To view all the clips from this video series, visit Sky Dancer Productions on You Tube or

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  1. This video makes me wanna beat up everyone who is causing the roundups! :/ LET THE MUSTANGS HAVE THEIR FREEDOM!!!


  2. I’m with ya WesternMare! especially on the parts where that chestnut horse was so frantically fighting to break out of that squeeze chute or whatever it was he was penned up in! :(

  3. Its just amazing to see the resistance the mustangs put up to avoid being rounded up by the helecopter. There are those that say the horses have no idea what is happening. As I am alive and breathing I will firmly state that these mustangs…. they know very well what is happening. What right does the government have to decide how many mustang lives should be free to run on the land…. I just keep asking myself what right do they have to decide life?


  4. Sickening and sad. I can’t wait until I have my own land and can adopt some!!! I hope I can JUST see them before they are gone. :[ :[

  5. They don’t have the right to do this. Life is life.

    Mustangs are built so well. Not all of them of course. They would be great athletes.

    Why don’t they just take some bachlor stallions of the land if their so worried? Right now they should just let the horse breed back. And do SOMETHING