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Wild Mustangs: The Words in Their Eyes

Published by • Mar 1st, 2010 • Category: by Madelaina, March for Wild Horses, Take a Stand

Running - by Madelaina
Photo Illustration by Madelaina

by Madelaina, age 14

With the battle for the freedom of America’s wild mustangs, I’ve read, gathered and dwelled on the many facts I came across, and the thoughts that evolved from them. So here I’ve composed a small but provoking collection of them to hopefully inform and inspire…

  • BLM has claimed that the western lands which the mustangs live on can only healthily support 24,000 horses, yet currently there are an estimated 20,000 horses currently running wild.
  • Separate, individual reviews have shown BLM estimations of the wild horse population is inaccurate to the point where they are 20, 000 over the actual number. However, BLM still plans to remove thousands of wild horses from their homes.
  • Summarising from Save Our Wild Horses, “BLM is warning that the 29,000 horses left on the range could cause an ‘ecological disaster.’ ” But 30 years ago, there were many more mustangs and a federal protection was established because they were thought to be “‘fast disappearing from the range’. ”
  • Taxpayers are spending money on assisting in the gather of mustangs to crowded holding facilities. Would it not be more logical to dedicate that money to building large preserves for horses where they can roam as they had before (suggested by Madeleine Pickens)?
  • The mustangs, people say, are not native to America. However, the horses we know today are said to have first originated from North America 55 million years ago. After 45 million years they moved off to other continents until there were none left in America until 1519 when the Spanish brought them back as domesticated horses.
  • Building off of that, there is an ongoing feud between ranchers and the mustangs whose home had been America for over 400 years since their reintroduction. People have taken the wild horses’ land, while many claim mustangs destroy their property and steal their mares. But who was here first, who has more right to this land, and who should have more reason to feel like their home is being intruded?
  • Quoting from the BLM website, “the direct mortality rate resulting from helicopter-driven gathers is usually less than one percent”, yet they still classify their round-up methods as “humane”. But how is it fair to disregard those lost lives just because it is, supposedly, a small number? Considering how many horses ARE gathered, I’d say it far exceeds being a small number of deaths. No horses should be killed in the first place, especially when they are forced against their will from their homes. Would it still be humane if less than one percent of people died as they were removed from their homes? Why are people automatically thinking lowly of them just because they are horses?
  • It was initially people who brought their workhorses to America, later on releasing them into the wild to mix in with the existing mustangs when machines replaced them. It is certainly not right that these undoubtedly magnificent creatures should be the ones suffering as a result of people’s past actions when they are clearly not at wrong. Farmers sent them to rough it out in the wild, and after all these years of fighting for their lives, they’ll all end up being killed anyway?
  • What would happen if there were no more mustangs? No more living fragments of America’s history? No more symbols for the prospect of freedom? No more horses who are capable of inspiring millions worldwide? How can we feel we’re able to be special and different if the very animals who inspired us to do so were trapped and killed?

Although only a small collection, these facts and, later on, my thoughts were certainly enough to make me realise the unnecessary loss of freedom for these wild mustangs. Some say it’s strange and unreasonable that I’m feeling this passion for horses I’ve never seen, fighting best I can for their freedom while I’m on the other side of the world. But if that’s so, I’d gladly be a weirdo for life.

Let’s March for Wild Horses and take this opportunity to act like many horse girls, but fight as one herd.

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  1. Awesome start to March for Wild Horses Made! I loved it. Facts are Facts as you state. I only hope the roundups cease eventually before the stangs are completely gone.


  2. Wow, it seems so weird to be commenting after such a long time, ya know? Well, great job. :0) I’m afraid with such good work such as this that mine won’t get published. Oh, well. :0) Not that big of a deal. Though I’d love for y’all to read it. :0)

    Can’t wait to read more. And hello again girls!! :0)

  3. Oh and <3 the pic Madelaina!!!

  4. I think it would be a good idea if maybe you turned this blog into a report and like got a group of people at your school or whatever to help save the wild horses! Sorry that sounded lame but good job! :)

  5. Reading this just makes me even madder at the BLM! Thank you so much for your research and wanting to share this with us! LET’S MARCH FOR THE WILD HORSES!


  6. Wow, Madelaina, nicely said! I totally agree!

  7. And i totally, totally, TOTALLY luv the pic!! your blog was great, very informative, and it made me want to fight that much harder for the mustangs! i didnt choose this name for nothing!

  8. That’s really good! It makes it obvious that what they are doing seems to me to be just plain mean. I would like to go up to one of the people that organizes the roundups and just ask them ‘Why?” Your blog was really clear and made me angry at them all over again. (Which is good) And you picture is really cool.

  9. Really well stated! Agreed, I’m angry at the BLM! But, if they continure there actions, well they have GHC’s herd to go through!

    Nice to talk to y’all again! :)


  10. I am so thrilled to be chatting with you gals again, about horses of course! I’m not mad at the BLM because in a since.. they are just doing their job. I am mad at a government who cannot see the strife, confusion, and pain that they are causing the wild mustangs and the people who love them.


  11. BLM CAN’T destroy the mustangs! Even if they manage to destroy them all from freedom they will stil gallop in our hearts!

  12. Hi guys! It’s so great to hear from everyone again! Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I’m really angry at what is happening too, but HF is right, we can’t blame only the BLM for the mustang gathers. To stop it we’ll have to get to the source of the problem. And we won’t let anyone stop us headstrong horse girls from doing that!

    Jonannah: It is a little weird isn’t it? But it’s definitely great to be back! Don’t be so hard on yourself, I’m sure your writing is amazing! Every voice counts for the wild mustangs, and yours is definitely a valuable one. Can’t wait to read your work when it comes around :D

    husky+horsegirl3: That’s actually a pretty good idea! I’ll have to see what I can do :)

  13. Ecological disater? Who is causing that I wonder, humm, somebody’s imagination! That makes me laugh and think, how ironic! Grrrr… sometimes I get ANGRY!
    Wonderful pretty horse picture, Madelaina, great job!

  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few more years, there won’t be any more truly wild mustangs on the range anymore–just the ones that people have adopted and everything! That is, if BLM quits rounding so many of them up. It almost reminds me of what happened in Marguerite Henry’s book, Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West when there were so many mustangs being rounded up, abused and taken to the slaughterhouses for cat and dog food and Wild Horse Annie started her crusade to save them, doesn’t it?
    p.s: I know this is kind of off topic, but the last time I saw Madelaina and Julia’s names on the screen, they were orange, and now they’re black again. What’s up with that? lol

  15. omg it would be awful if no more mustangs were alive. thats why we have to do something and help them.

  16. Great job Madalaina! Gosh, I missed you guys! I hadn’t checked the site since break, and I come back on to find all these crazy changes! Wow. I’ll definitely be submitting next time, though. And once again, great job!