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Writing is Hard!

Published by • Jan 30th, 2016 • Category: Books & Writing, Non-Fiction

Writer's Block

by WhinnyLove, age 12

Hey guys!

Now, I haven’t been writing as many fiction stories as before. The reason is… I have writer’s block! No matter what horse stories I think up and how good they seem, they always end up in the trash bin.

So I was thinking… I need some ideas. Maybe you guys could inspire me and any¬†other GHCers who have writer’s block?

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  1. That is totally me! I would love to write an article on it and post it if u want because I know a little about writers block and I have had it many times ;)

  2. I love to write! My teacher will say write 5 sentences and i write 5 paragraphs

  3. How about writing a horse story with something sad in it but it all turns out okay in the end?
    Oh, and about your writer’s block. I suggest spending time with animals (esp. horses) and reading a couple of bestselling books that involves a lot of horsey stuff in it. Just suggesting, no need to follow it.

  4. I have had writer’s block lots of times, especially on Wattpad. But I’ve NEVER EVER had writer’s block here in GHC and that’s why GHC is the best place to write your horse stories. And… why not try reading some of my stories? I’m sure they can do some help to inspire you.

    Best wishes,
    Athena Christy

  5. Another good idea, WhinnyLove- research and music! Try to listen to some of your fave horse music and try to research on the topic that you want.