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You Have One, You Don’t

Published by • Jan 30th, 2009 • Category: Horse Dreams, Junior Blogger Archives

by mustangmane, age 10

Have you ever wanted a horse, but know for sure you’re never going to get one? Have you had friends who own horse(s) and even their own ranch? But you don’t? We’ve all gotten that feeling at one point.

Times are rough. But one thing that will always, always stay by your side is your imagination. It could be hidden way deep inside you, or right on the very top. Even when you’re an adult, you may not use it, but it’s with you.

Imagination. Fantasy. True, it isn’t real life, but don’t spoil the fact that when you use it, life is even better than it already is.

The question might be spinning in your head, ‘What’s this have to do with having a horse?’

With imagination you can do anything. You can imagine you have a mansion with maids. You can imagine you have robots that do homework for you. You can imagine you have a horse.

My imagination horse is Peter. He is a Friesian and… I shouldn’t be explaining! You should be thinking of your imaginary horse.

So next time someone says to you, “You don’t have a horse” you can reply, “Oh yes I do. Her name is…” But if that person doesn’t believe you, well, you’ll have to bring the imagination side up in that person.

If you comment, tell me what your imaginary horse is like. I would be happy to know. :)

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  1. I must say that I have a very large imagination I can hardly read books without imagning that I’m someone in them or sometimes a person that was never written! Its crazy! I don’t even think about it, it just happens and I’ll find myself wondering what I would wear,what my horse would look like,what its personality is like… That’s one thing that stays the same no matter what book I read I always have a horse.
    I keep thinking I should write down the stories that pop in my head but all to often it to closely related to the book and there for it wouldn’t really be my own.:(
    But whatever, I can always *imagine* I have written them down!*wink*;)

  2. I’ve always wanted a Friesian, too! But my imaginary horse is a black-and-white paint mustang named Jester. I actually wrote a poem about Jester and his friend, King, a silver Quarter Horse. It was in the Loft, but now it will be a while till you can read it. I actually have a bunch of horses. a herd, in fact! All my stories and poems are based on my horses. Horses give me inspiration! Thank God for Horses!

  3. Hey mustangmane! My dream horse is a wild, black stallion named Flame. I’d call him Flame not because of his color, but because of the flame burning inside. My other dream horse is a gray, Andalusian named Caspian.

  4. Wow! You guys (or should I say girls) are very imaginative.

    Salina- Yes! I know I agree with you. It just happens whenever I read a book. My imagination side of me springs out with new things.

    mustang23- A mustang. Wonderful! Jester sounds sweet. How old is he? I can’t wait to read the poem of yours when the LBC comes back.

    Wild Rose- Caspian and Flame are very nice names. I love stallions and Andalusians. Actually, I love every type of horse!

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. Howdy again! mustangmane, tell us some more about your Peter. This is strange: in the Chronicles of Narnia series there is a Peter and a Caspian! Like our dream horses.

  6. how do you sign up

  7. I own a horse but I still have an imaginary one. Her name is Gypsy and she is a Vanner, 15.4 hands. she is piebald, with a very nice canter! I have alot more but it would take a while to explain them all.

  8. I find myself strange. My dream horse is…I can’t picture it. I’ll know it when I see it. For all I know, it could be a top stud, a quarter horse ,or a little miniature pony. It could be anything. But I always find myself dreaming about what I’ll do with my dream horse when I find it.

  9. Stargazer, that is awesome. Every time I get an idea for a story that has a horse in it, (that’s like every single story that pops into my mind! lol) I have to craft the way the horse thinks, acts, looks, everything. I luv it! I’m a control freak. lol. Right now, I have Laloo, a bay Morab, and Hank, who has been with me since the summer. Hank is a chestnut Quarter Horse, with a white star. SO gorgeous. Forget boys, I’m HORSE-crazy! lol. But, Stargazer, I’m sure you will find your dream horse one day, if you keep looking.

  10. My dream horse is an Appaloosa named Zephyr. We “ride” together everyday. I’ve actually woken up positive I rode him, only to find it was a dream. *sigh*

  11. My dream horses are…
    Star. Short for Falling Star. I have dreams about her all the time. She is a faintly dappled grey with a long silver mane.
    And Bonny. I’ve had her ever since I was tiny and I could never let her go. She is a palamino shetland pony and her and Star are best friends.
    I used to own an imaginary riding stables, but I then set my horses and ponies free to roam the world.
    I still own my beautiful heard, but Bonny and Star will stay by me forever. Until death do us apart…

  12. I’ve always wanted a horse but my parents say no all the time- even my Mum, who’s horse mad herself!

    Here’s my dream horse:

    A gentle bay Arab gelding named Magic.

    Its great we have imagination, so then we can have a pony- but in a different way.

  13. Wild Rose- That’s actually why I named him. Because I love the character Peter Pevensie. He is especially (ok, I admit… CUTE!)in Prince Caspian.
    Well- he (my imaginary dream horse, Peter…) is very kind and stands up for his owner and his friends. He doesn’t like when people make fun of him or tease him, so sometimes he gets into a small fight.

    Peanut- It’s nice to have more than one dream horse.

    Stargazer- Just like mustang23 said. I’m sure over time you’ll find the perfect one for you. One that sticks with you a long time too. Sometimes I say, “If it takes you long, it’ll stay with you extra longer.”

    mustang23- Yeah. Horses are much better than boys. All the boys at my school are weird. I think most of ’em are. (hee hee). I only have a crush on an actor.

    Allison- I absolutely love that name. Zephyr. It’s perfect!

    DianaLUV- Such pretty names. Falling Star reminds me of my old riding horse, Star. I have a blog soon-to-be published about him. I hope you’ll read it.

    Caity- Never give up hope! Someday your mum might come home saying, “I have a surprise for you!” And what do y’know? It’s horse.

    Glad everyone liked the blog.

  14. Your a great writer! that is very true!

  15. I have been rather….inspired and intrigued in the fine ‘art’ of horse racing! I mean the thrill of it all! The gates fly opened and beautiful, powerful, amazing creatures fly fromt he gate faithfully carrying their jokeys. These horses were berd for one perpose: to run. They run down the track fully understanding the game. They KNOW they are racing they KNOW they have to win! I even believe some horses in a winner’s circle know they did a good job and insist on showing off for the camera!

    But I doubt I could own a THOROUGHBRED! I mean a horse…..maybe,….just maybe…..a thoroughbred fit and fiddle for racing…..NO WAY! Not unless I strick oli or something!

  16. oh and I have always imagened a horse, an appoloosa, the kind that are white with so many black spots you could call them ‘dalmation’ horses! I have always AWLAYS loved them! But of course I have dreamed of throoguhrbeds, Morgans, and mustangs. sometimes I day dream about a misty mustang comming to my window and waiting. I dream that I slipp out of the window and onto the back of a powerful stallion.

    I do not have ONE day-dream horse. I have a whole herd! Some are msutangs and some are pure-bred horses! Some tiny foals and others muscular stallions! I even have a brownish-grey gleding named Gator (inspired by Terri Farley’s Navigator in the Wild Horse Island books) but do I have ONE horse?

    Horses are like potato chips….you CAN’T just have ONE!