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Think Your Work is Bad? NO WAY!

Published by • Sep 11th, 2009 • Category: Books & Writing

by Violet Inkpen, age 13

I’ve been making up stories and poems for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t mean I was good at it. I’ve also loved horses for that long too. No matter how weird my writings were people believed in me. My mom included. I wanted to share a poem I wrote when I was little, about eight or so, and show you the mind of a very young Violet Inkpen.

A wild heart that learns to fly
Is a happy heart, don’t ask me why
The horse that runs wild and free
Is the perfect sight for a gal like me.

Running, trotting, as fast as they go.
Nothing can stop them, not rain or snow.
I love horses, yes I do
My friends love horses, how about you?

The point is, even though it STINKS, I had people encourage me. That is why I still write today. Because of the people that help you reach your dreams. They give you a boost, help you feel good about yourself so you can reach your goals. Yes, we fail sometimes, but people will always support us.

Girls Horse Club has been great for me. I used to never finish a story. “It will never get published, no one will want to read it, it is stupid.” And in the trash it goes. But you have all showed me that with hard work and lots of horses, I CAN shine, I CAN do it, and I have passed on that support to others who don’t believe in themselves.

Don’t ever let anyone, yourself included, tear down your dreams. GO FOR THE STARS! Touch the moon! You can do it! You can do it!

May the Horses be with you!

Violet Inkpen

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  1. The funny thing is I would probably write that, and I’m 12. LOL! I’m working on getting better though.

  2. it is a very good poem!~

  3. Champion essay Vi! I liked how you stay positive. I have to say though thats pretty creative poem for an eight year old… i mean children think life as so simple and to the point.. they love horses and thats all there is to it. lol =0) When you grow older and if you do want to publish your stories there will be critics and not everyone is going to give you a pat on the back. Thats why you have to keep a high head and strait back and a motivation that wont quit. Sometimes to get stories and poems published your gonna have to revise, take out, or change some parts completely to fit the publisher or editor. again very inspirational vi!


  4. Great blog! i think i should post my poem here. thanks!

  5. I like that poem!
    I wrote one about a stallion on a corkboard (weird I know) I hope to get it published sometime. But thanx for the encouragement vi. I might need it after my sure disappointment in tomorrow’s results. ;o)

  6. So right Horse Feathers, not everyone is as encouraging. My point to make was that if it wasn’t for those who DO encourage us we’d probably have given up thinking we were hopeless. :]

  7. I actually like your little poem. Reminds me of something I wrote when I was twelve, which, regretfully, was last year. lol. Thing is, poetry is so NOT my strong point. I’m more of a story writer. I liked that part at the end, may the horses be with you. Thank you for keeping your spirits up, cuz the fiction part of GHC would be totally lacking if you had never published those stories.

  8. Carolina Cowgirl- Haha, I was thinking the same thing when I read it just now haha :)

  9. I never show what I write to ANYONE. I mean I keep my notebook in my bag at all times. It’s just too personal to show. I’d feel embarrassed letting anyone read them. And I’m sure my sisters would just laugh or something..Like I said before, what write is just too personal to let people I know read.

    I realized something the other day. I’ve always been VERY shy. I mean really, really shy, and I still am. And I realized if I wasn’t shy, I’d have more friends, or at least closer ones, and I wouldn’t be afraid to tell them what I feel, or tell them what I feel, or when I’m sad or something. So that means I probably wouldn’t be writing as much as I do now. And I probably would not have found this website either. So, although a lot of times being shy can cause pain or embarrassment or whatever else it causes, I know writing always helps, and even though I show it to no one, I still take pride and pleasure in doing it.

  10. I don’t think your poem stinks, I have wrote worse! Awesome blog, thanks for encouraging horse girls never to give up on their work!:]

  11. Thank you for posting that (and the poem), very encourging.. also, your poem wasnt that bad, the first two verses I auctually r4eally like! your talent must have started at a young age (;

  12. Vi, you continue to amaze me. :) In more ways than one. First of all, you are a phenomenal writer, and I suspect great things from you. Unlike some other great writers I know (which are a lot of my friends) they brag about their writing skills a lot, in the most indirect ways. Instead, you encourage others to pursue writing, even if they think that their work is bad. =] you are really motivational, and I hope that you are junior blogger for a long time.

  13. First of all, that poem you wrote is beautiful! If that’s considered bad, my writing would be horrible. And to think that you wrote it at 8! Girls Horse Club does make dreams come true, it’s unbelievable how much I’ve grown with it and horses by my side.The amount of kindness and support it gives is just tremendous. You’re a truly inspirational writer, every time you publish something I am ALWAYS left astounded. I’ll be expecting a published book from you some day :D

  14. I agree with you, Madelaina. :) Girls Horse Club is just like Vi its really supportive and encouraging.

  15. Wow…..that poems really good. I can’t even write poems like that now and I’m almost `3. :P

  16. ………well, what can I say to all these girls? You are all breaking my heart! Thanks sooo much! I just want you all to know that no matter what don’t ever, NEVER think your writing is useless! I am touched by your comments…..almost in tears really. Thanks guys, I’d never be what I am today without you all!

  17. awesome poem Vi! i wish i could write like you…

  18. Like you I don’t really finish most of my stories,but I never give up.Another great poem Violet Inkpen!

  19. that really boosted my convinces

  20. Great Violet! I lve your peom, Im not as much as creative as you are, but at least Im a bookworm

  21. Wow you wrote that when you were eight?
    im amazed..i do a lott of Poetry too, i should post some!
    btw i am new to the website, and still learning! LOL.

  22. Lucy Digro, I wrote at least 2 major stories I wanted ot try and publish when I was around the ages of 9 and 11 but I ….I didn’t give up on them but I decided to post pone them until I had more experience and research. Right now I am writing a book about wolves, wich is ALOT easier than horses because….*blushing*….I don’t know too much about horses except what I read. Sure I know about tack and grooming and things and I guess I know alot about them but compaired to what it would take to own a hrose or write a truthfuyl and accurate book….not yet. But one day I will finish tose stories and get them published. IT is okay to take a breath from a story you are writing, even if the break is as much as 10 years. Sometiems we need to walk away from soem things for a while until we feel ready to deal with them.

  23. I know a few people who are writing books on wolves… For me, horses are easier to write about.

  24. I can only write about horses… >:(
    I love wolves second to horses and I wish I could write factually about them… grrr….

  25. hey VioletInkpen. Do you ride horses at all? Cause same here!!! I know nothin’ about horses except the stuff I read in books and the stuff my friend tells me. One of my friends is in the rodeo and I feel so stupid talking to her and then my other friend doesn’t know as much but she has two horses and boards some other horses. I feel stupid, but im doing research!! :-)

    And I’ve actually only ridden a horse once!!! :,-( I get to ride a horse next month but it will only be a trail horse, but I am still super excited!!!!! And Im trying to find a place nearby that gives lessons and I’m going to offer to muck and stuff for lessons. Theres a place around the lake here that has horses but I don’t know if they give lessons :-(

    Any of you happen to live in Minnesota??? :-) lol.

    And Violet Inkpen that poem was awesome and something way better than any poem I could write!!!!! I am awful at poems. but I love writing short stories, essays, and novels.(Ok so I haven’t finished a novel yet. . . but I will!!! :-)) Poems are my weakness :-( The essay was very inspiring and would make any girl want to keep on writing!!! :)

  26. Jonannah, I have ridden on 2 trail rides, I have ridden 2 horses when other people held on to the rope, and I have ridden 1 horse in a pasture…a throughbred wiht a LOT of energy!

  27. I’m not the best at poems either, so don’t feel bad lol :-)