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Your Truth About Horse Slaughter

Published by • Nov 7th, 2008 • Category: Take a Stand

Take a Stand
By Rebecca Shyly, age 12

Recently, a new point of view about horse slaughter was brought to my attention. It did not change my opinion (I still believe ALL horse slaughter should end), but it did cause me to think.

A well respected woman at my stables is in belief that we should end a horse’s life if it is in pain, or is not going to sell at an auction. She says that if we do not do it right in the US, the horses will go across the border and be slaughtered in Mexico, or Canada. I agree with the part of her statement that we should HUMANELY (key word here) kill horses that are in pain and can not live a healthy life. The rest of it I am not so sure about. She is proposing that we kill horses that are destined for death anyway, even if they have a chance of life.

As I was mulling all of this over, I thought, I wonder what my horse sisters think? So I am inviting you all to join me, and either in the comments or in a blog of your own, to write your opinion on the truth about horse slaughter. Research your answer well.

Rebecca Shyly

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  1. My opinion is this: I completely agree that those who are in pain and don’t have the chance of a happy life should have their misery ended. However, I strongly disagree that this should be done through the inhumane treatments of horse slaughter. No animal should ever suffer these consequences when they had done nothing wrong and are already so downhearted in their lives. Horses who do have a chance of living should NOT be sent to the knackers. Why destroy such a beautiful spirit if you don’t have to?

    The main problem here is to get people to stop breeding horses excessively. Many overlook the fact that the foal, after it’s born, is useless if all that was to come out of its birth was experience. People who are looking to breed pedigree champions are taking a huge risk too. The good traits of parents may not influence their foal, and when this happens and the foal is not to the owner’s liking, they are unwanted and sent to the auctions where they have a chance of going to the slaughter house. Before making decisions of whether to breed their horses, people should consider the consequences of doing so, such as the two examples I listed above. They should also ensure a bright and hopeful future for the foal, either unwanted or not. If we all make sure that this happens, the number of horse slaughter victims would surely decrease.

    Horsecrazzz, thanks for sharing this blog.

  2. Madelaina, thanks for responding. Your opinion very much matches my own. I’m glad to see that I’m not crazy, and other people feel the same way.
    Hope everyone gives there opinion. I’m always ready to hear fresh ideas.

  3. I agree with you both!
    My view: If the the horse is suffering from old age(wasting away with no hope of geting better), extriem colic, broken legs, and other such things , then I believe that a leathal injection is the best way to let them go, although my dad had to shoot a mare once because she was so bad off. We couldn’t take the drive to the vet that day.:(

    Slaughter is out of the question. It is viel, brutal and discusting.

    We have a very old mare that is literaly wasting away, you can see every bone in her body, she won’t eat becaus she won’t drink and her teeth are rotting. The sad thing is that we can’t do any thing for her for, no matter what we do to save her she would’nt servive another harsh northern winter, we’ll just have to put her down.:(

  4. I live in England and horse slaughter is rare here. But it is so so so inhumane! Your right that we should not use slaughter to kill an animal in pain we should do it the humane way. Over 100,00 horses from across the world get transported in tiny lorries to the slaughterhouse it should be against the law. Its basically animal cruelty, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks bad of horse slaughter.

  5. As many of you know, horse slaughter is a very important issue to me that I’m passionate about.

    Horse “slaughter” is very very different from humanely euthanizing an old, sickly horse for the well being of that horse. And not even all decrepit horses are put down. Ellie, a retired plow horse (picture of her can be seen on my Gress Mountain Ranch Blog) was destined for slaughter, literally. As you can see, she’s doing much better and although the end of her life is nearing, she will go in peaceful, humane way.

    (hmmm…maybe i will finish the Truth About Slaughter Part 3 after all, better late than never….)

  6. Julia: So great to hear from you again!! It’s been a while. You are very smart. While writing this, I forgot the difference between horse slaughter and euthanizing. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, your comments are greatly looked forward to because they are always so level headed and fresh.

    Salina and Caity: You are both right. Thanks for commenting. I love hearing all of these different opinions!!

  7. I think that horses without any hope should be HUMANELY put down, but I definatly say that horses that have a chance should get one. After all, you dont see us taking babies and killing them because they dont have a chance. Of course babis and horses are two comletely different beings, I still say that it is wrong to slaughter horses that might make it.

  8. I totally agree that breeding horses excessively is wrong and a problem. A stable near my home has ended their breeding program due to these circumstances.

  9. Hey ya’ll!

    Well, in my opinion horse slaughter is not necessary, but I need to bring something up. The stories in GHC are a little bit dramatized. Yes, horse slaughter is cruel, but it usually isn’t so bad that they force horses to hand from chains and bleed to death. I’m sorry, but rarely does this happen. There are many slaughter houses that euthanize the horse, humanely. I don’t agree with the fact that horses who have a chance at life are slaughtered, but often it is done humanely.

  10. Cassie: I have never even heard of kill-houses doing that. Prove that some kill-house do that.

  11. Well, I’m sure that at least a few aren’t as dramatic as some storys may say. I think that we love our horses so much here at GHC that we tend in some cases to be a bit extravigent (or how ever its spelled!).

    Firestorm anna: There are some that euthanize their horses because the public demands it, and how can we prove to you over the Web that this is not so?

  12. Ok FirestormAnna, check out this site

    Horse slaughter is cruel in many cases, but not in all. I rest my case.

  13. The URL does not work. I’ll get off my lazy bum, and go research it my self. =D

  14. not only is horse slaughter sad, its sick

  15. No living creature deserves to die , but the REALLY sad truth is that people frown upon Dogs being eaten and horses, really the only creautures that are “tamed” is that really fair?? Why can people try to stop pig slaughtering or cow? Those creautres are just as alive as horses and dogs, think about that the next time you cry over horses, what about the cows in our life?
    Dont get me wrong i mysefl eat meat, but why are people so un-conserned? Dosen’t every animal deserve a chance at life?

    I love horses but one day i thought of a animal which i really didnt think was bred to be “free”, i saw how it was done i and that night i cryed my self asleep…. People should really think about the “useless” animals and AT the same time think of the ones you love, every living creature, even YOU, deserves to live! Please take a moment to think about that.

  16. I can see where your coming from Horseloverofall,And from my personal experience see quite a difference between horses and cows, dogs and pigs.
    Perhaps so many people are out raged about horse/dog slaughter is that dogs and horses develop a special bond with there owners. Don’t get me wrong, some cows and pigs do too.
    I also think the bond between us has gone back more than just the last few generations. From the beginning of time horses and dogs have been ‘special’ to their owners. And cows and pigs were always a ‘meat’ in most places…. This is just a theory.:)
    I’m not saying they deserve to die, but its just the way things have gone for 10000s of years.:S