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Dreaming of Lone Star | Chapter 1

by Katrina Halem Al-Abar, age 16
Dreaming of Lone Star

The bay colt galloped across the field towards a rickety brown farm house, then he skidded to a halt and wheeled to face Angel. Angel tried to reach him, to help him, for she saw a trickle of blood on his shank. But her arms couldn't move. A man was suddenly there. He grabbed the colt and dragged him away. The colt looked at Angel accusingly. Angel tried to cry out, but her voice was lost. The bay colt struggled and Angel couldn't help him.

Angel woke up, aware that she had just hit the floor. Her bed sheets were tangled around her legs. Angel picked herself up off the floor and turned on her light. She looked at her clock. 5:00 am. Angel looked in the mirror. She had no idea what horse she had been dreaming about. She thought hard, but she couldn't find out still. She shrugged and got dressed.

Angel jogged along the stall aisles toward Lone Lady's stall. There was a cluster of people around her stall. Angel squeezed toward her older sister, Laona.

"What's going on?" Angel whispered.

"Lone Lady just had her foal," said Laona, "a little bay colt."

Angel pushed her way to the stall door and gasped in delight and wonder. Her favorite chestnut mare, Lone Lady, was standing proudly over a tiny bay colt. Angel recognized him right away. He was the colt from her dream!

"I dreamt about you," Angel murmured under her breath.

The colt's father was the famous Stardust, a champion stadium jumper. Angel could picture the tall gray stallion, standing proudly with a blue ribbon fluttering on his bridle.

Angel turned her attention back to the colt. "What are we gonna name him?" she demanded.

Her best friend Sarah, who stood beside her, shrugged. "Beats me," she said.

Angel frowned thoughtfully. "Well," she said, "His Dam is Lone Lady and his sire is Stardust..." And I dreamt about you, Angel thought. "So why not Dreaming of Lone Star?"

"Yeah," said Laona, who had managed to push her way to Angel, "I like it."

"Okay," said Angel, "Dreaming of Lone Star it is."

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