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Moonlight Mirage | Chapter 2
by Pony Princess, age 13

"What's wrong?" Teresa asked. Papa's discouraged face worried her.

She turned towards Mama. "No one wanted any of our things. We spent the whole day there without selling a thing!" Mama explained, close to tears.

Teresa knew that was bad. If they did not sell or trade anything, they would have no food. They really needed food for themselves and the horses.

At supper, Papa made an announcement. "As you all know," he began, "we are low on food and we sold very little. It is not enough to feed us hungry Gypsies and our horses. We will move on to Bucharest. I think we might have better luck there. Tomorrow we will start off." He sat down.

Teresa was shocked, surprised, and a little scared. Bucharest was the capital of Romania. She had never been to a big city before. Suddenly, she remembered Mirage. "Papa," she said," Mirage is so young, how will she make the journey?"

"Daughter," he sighed, "she will have to. I can think of nothing else."

"Do you think this is a good idea?" Rose asked her sister.

Teresa was brushing her dark hair the next morning. "I do not know, I just hope we can get some food," she said.

A high whinny made them jump. Rose laughed, "A little filly just woke up."

The girls giggled as they put on their clothes and braided their hair. After they finished dressing, they went to watch the men hitch the Gypsy horses to the caravans. Mirage stayed close to her mother. Moonlight Dancer, Mirage's sire, stood quiet while his bridle was put on. Teresa calmed Mirage, who did not know what was going on.

"Teresa!" Mama called. Teresa climbed in the caravan.

Mama fussed over her hair, tucking in the loose strands. Teresa knew she was nervous. They started to move. Mirage gave a shrill whinny as she tried to keep up with her mother. Teresa hoped with all her heart this was the chance they needed.

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