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Moonlight Mirage | Chapter 3
by Pony Princess, age 13

The scenery passed by as the horses trotted towards their faraway destination. Teresa, tired of sitting in the caravan, got out and played with Mirage. One time, they ran ahead of the line of caravans. Teresa sat down when the caravans were out of sight. Mirage trotted over and gently sniffed her black hair. She smiled at the filly.

All of a sudden, Mirage whinnied and looked up. A small bird flew across the road. Mirage took after the bird as fast as her tiny legs could carry her.

Teresa got up. "Mirage!" she called as the horse disappeared. Teresa was frantic.

The few minutes she searched felt like hours. Suddenly a whinny sounded behind her, and Teresa spun around on her heel. Mirage was standing on the road.

Teresa ran over and put her arms around Mirage's neck. "Don't do that again!" she said in the filly's ear.

Another sound made Teresa turn around. She saw the rest of the Gypsies driving up. The driver in front smiled at her, not suspecting that Mirage had just ran away. Teresa nervously smiled back. They didn't stray far from the caravans the rest of the day.

"Finally," thought Teresa. The Gypsies were getting ready to go into the city. Papa climbed into the caravan and started the horses. They were on their way to Bucharest, capital of Romania!

Mirage whinnied and started to follow them. "Mirage," Teresa said, "you need to stay behind with the other horses!"

After many attempts to make her stay, Mirage was allowed to come.

As they drove into the city gates, Teresa gasped. She saw so many people taking care of their daily lives. A lady called out, "Apples, apples, get your apples here!" There were so many people selling and buying.

Papa drove down the road to find a place to stop. Teresa climbed down to keep a close eye on Mirage, who was giving a shrill greeting to everyone she saw. People smiled at her.

Papa found a place to stop and started calling people to see his things. Few people stopped and only one thing was sold. No one really needed anything from them.

Papa let Teresa look around. She left Mirage at the caravan and went to examine a beautiful saddle she saw for sale. She turned back to imagine how it would look an Mirage. When she looked back, she noticed something different --- Mirage was gone!

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