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Moonlight Mirage | Chapter 4
by Pony Princess, age 13

Teresa ran back to Papa. He was startled to see her with a worried look on her face. "Where is she," she asked, "what happened?"

Papa quickly figured out what was wrong when he glanced back and saw Mirage was missing. "Oh dear, oh dear!"

Teresa moaned. "Go ask everyone if they have seen her," Papa said. Teresa took off. She ran to the apple lady. "Have you seen a black and white filly?" she asked.

The lady thought for a minute. "Yes I did, she ran past me and around that corner down there a few seconds ago," she said.

"Thank you!" Teresa said. Papa drove up in the caravan. She pointed down the street and climbed in the caravan. Papa understood.

They drove around the corner just in time to see Mirage run around the corner farther down the street. Everyone on the street watched the caravan roll fast down the road. Teresa cried out, "Catch her, catch her!" Men tried to grab at the filly. Mirage whinnied, thinking it was a game and ran faster and faster. She seemed to have a destination in mind. She led Papa through several streets.

Around another corner, Teresa saw a man standing in Mirage's way. The filly tried to get past the man but he caught her. Teresa and Papa got out of the caravan, very shaky after the fast ride.

"Thank you!" Teresa said.

"Call me Peter," the man said.

"Thank you very much Peter," said Papa, "She got away after we turned our backs for a minute." "No problem," said Peter. He saw the pots and baskets in the wagon. "Are you selling these?" he asked Papa. Papa nodded. "My bakery will be opened soon and I need pots and baskets like these," Peter said. He ended up buying all the pots, pans, and baskets they had.

Papa drove away smiling.

Later, Teresa slipped a new, beautiful bridle on Mirage's neck. It was her reward for helping them sell their things. The setting sun bathed everything in golden sunlight. Teresa sighed happily. She decide she would never trade her Gypsy life with Mirage, her family, and her friends for anything else. Mirage gave a whinny as if she agreed.


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